25 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by Winter

25 Baby Names Inspired by WinterLet's be honest, picking a baby name is one of the most intimidating parts of pregnancy. Sure, car seats and strollers might be tough with all those reviews to wade through and safety instructions to make sense of, but baby will use them for, what, a few years? They're going to have this name for the rest of their life! So where to begin? Might I recommend picking a theme straight off the bat to narrow down the gazillion choices out there? And if you're having a winter baby, you've got a perfect theme staring you in the face!

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From the weather to the plants that are hardy enough to grow this time of year, there's an abundance of wintry choices for your little one. Here are 25, with lovely choices for both boys and girls!

  1. Frost
  2. Snow
  3. Neve (Latin for snow)
  4. Bianca (Italian for white)
  5. Blanche
  6. Hazel (as in witch -- blooms in winter)
  7. Holly
  8. Ivy
  9. Lumi (Finnish for snow)
  10. Nevada (Spanish for covered in snow)
  11. December
  12. January
  13. Gale
  14. Stormy
  15. Rain
  16. Grey
  17. Eira (Welsh for snow)
  18. Aneira (also Welsh for snow)
  19. Juniper (berries common in winter)
  20. Crystal
  21. Garnet (January birthstone)
  22. Winter
  23. Jay (common winter bird)
  24. Wren
  25. Sparrow

Are you having a winter baby? What's your baby name?


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Turtl... Turtledoves

Had our newborn been a girl, the name woukd have been Cecelia (Cece) Snow.

xomrs... xomrsweaver

My kids have two of these names lol. 

MyNam... MyNameIs-

I love Wren. Also could come from Christopher Wren the architect of St. Paul's Catgedral.

OneTo... OneToughMami

My daughter does not have one but some of these are lovely. I giggle when I think about Nevada the state though and the meaning

nonmember avatar KeAnna

My daughter's first and middle names are on this list....spelled differently though. Stormie Gayle. She is also a winter baby, but naming her had nothing to do with that.

BatMom. BatMom.

A lot of these are beautiful! I especially love the Finnish and Welsh names..but I won't be having another kid, so.. :P

Bob Russell

I suppose we could rule out Slush,Sleet, but for a Hip-Hop artist Black Ice would be perfect!

Summe... Summerlion1123

Some of these were pretty cute. Both of my kids were born in the fall, and neither have seasonally themed names.

nonmember avatar Wanda

My last baby was a girl born in Jan. Her middle name is Noelle

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