15 Kinda Weird but Totally Awesome Products for Pregnant Women

baby belt
Baby Belly belt

As soon as a woman finds out she is expecting a baby, she likely immediately stocks up on things like maternity clothes, and starts rat-holing baby items. Onesies, baby gear, there is so much to buy and only nine months to get it all. But do most women ever stop to think about what we really need to help us navigate these long nine months? I'm not talking about books on how to cope with pregnancy or what to expect or whatever, but rather the tools that no one tells the newly expectant that they're going to need. Things that will not only benefit baby, but will make our time carrying baby a little easier. Don't worry, we're here to help suss out what under the radar items mommy-to-be is likely to miss!

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What I really want to discuss are those go-to items that seem kind of ridiculous but can make our pregnant lives so much easier and more enjoyable. Like, how about a razor extender so that a pregnant mom doesn't have to reach down way too far or precariously perch on the tub ledge (heck, I'd take one even if I weren't pregnant!)? Or, what about some perineum oil (trust)? These tools might seem sort of out there, but they really are helpful during those crazy late pregnancy days.

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Check out these photos to see 15 of the most interesting pregnancy products on the market. Picking one or all of these up just might change an expecting mama's life ... even if they do seem a little strange.

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