8 Kinda Weird But Totally Awesome Products for Pregnant Women

KickbeeAs soon as you found out you were expecting a baby, I'm sure you immediately stocked up on things like maternity clothes and started rat-holing baby items -- but did you ever stop to think about what you really need to help you navigate these long nine months?

I'm not talking about books on how to cope with your pregnancy or what to expect or whatever.

I mean those go-to items that seem kind of ridiculous but can make your pregnant life so much easier and more enjoyable.

Check out these photos to see eight of the most unique pregnancy products out there. Picking one or all of these up just might change your life.

What has been your favorite thing so far to help you cope with pregnancy?


Image via Kickbee

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Lucki... Luckicharmz

Again much like those "awesome toddler toys" why the hell would anyone waste money on this useless junk....

Robin Hartman

This is a joke, right? Why would a fetus want to listen to your IPOD?

Sarah... SarahHall58

I hope this is a joke. Otherwise, seriously??

nonmember avatar dsdsf

i really hope you people dont get paid for these stupid ridiculous "articles".

mseelen mseelen

I would so buy the razor reach!!

mexic... mexicanseaf00d

Hah, that razor extender is awesome! 

Zenezzy Zenezzy

Babybell groin band?  I'm glad I never got pregnant and I'm saving that pic to look in case I become crazy enough to consider it.

Jilectan Jilectan

These are all stupid. Sorry, but it's true. If you can't figure out how to shave your legs while pregnant, your brain is broken, and all those other things are just pointless nonsense.

nonmember avatar Sara

A shaver extender...Hmm. I shaved my armpits, legs and my lady area....daily while prego without a damn razor extender. I was fine, so was my baby. And guess freakin what? I woke up (exactly 1 week late) and started cramping. Then I went to the bathroom, I had my bloody show (the "YOU'RE IN LABOR" sign). So I sure as hell jumped in the shower and bent over to freakin shave! There was an OBGYN about to see my legs and whoo-ha! Plus I wasn't going to be able to shower as soon as I popped out my baby boy. I did my armpits too just because they take like what 2 seconds each. My husband was outside on the front lawn with a timer counting my contractions through the open window. Unfortunately, it was a 45 minute drive to the hospital and when my contractions were 2 minutes apart my husband ordered me out of the shower immediately. I was in a lot of pain so I listened and got dressed, grabbed my pre-packed bag and we left. Made it there and my labor stalled. Pitocin, and my son was born after 14 hours labor (15-16 hrs if you include the home labor). My point is I went 9 mo shaving my legs without some extender INCLUDING the 1-2 hours I was in the shower laboring. So shut up with that. But I'm so down with protecting a baby in the womb from laptop radiation.

xsmum xsmum

Both of my babies loved music put your phone on your belly play music kept mine happy. The lap top if your that worried set the laptop on actual table. Rest is just waste of money, razor thing my legs would l

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