15 Kinda Weird but Totally Awesome Products for Pregnant Women

Mary Hawkins | Dec 1, 2017 Pregnancy
15 Kinda Weird but Totally Awesome Products for Pregnant Women

baby belt
Baby Belly belt

As soon as a woman finds out she is expecting a baby, she likely immediately stocks up on things like maternity clothes, and starts rat-holing baby items. Onesies, baby gear, there is so much to buy and only nine months to get it all. But do most women ever stop to think about what we really need to help us navigate these long nine months? I'm not talking about books on how to cope with pregnancy or what to expect or whatever, but rather the tools that no one tells the newly expectant that they're going to need. Things that will not only benefit baby, but will make our time carrying baby a little easier. Don't worry, we're here to help suss out what under the radar items mommy-to-be is likely to miss!

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What I really want to discuss are those go-to items that seem kind of ridiculous but can make our pregnant lives so much easier and more enjoyable. Like, how about a razor extender so that a pregnant mom doesn't have to reach down way too far or precariously perch on the tub ledge (heck, I'd take one even if I weren't pregnant!)? Or, what about some perineum oil (trust)? These tools might seem sort of out there, but they really are helpful during those crazy late pregnancy days.

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Check out these photos to see 15 of the most interesting pregnancy products on the market. Picking one or all of these up just might change an expecting mama's life ... even if they do seem a little strange.

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  • Belly Armor


    Worried that a laptop can give off radiation that might harm the baby? Belly armor protects a growing little one so mom can still check Facebook as often as she'd like. Not to mention, it's nice and warm for the winter!  ($69, Belly Armor)

  • Morning 'Chicness' Bag


    The first few months of pregnancy can be rough. If an expectant mom has to deal with regular bouts of vomiting, she might as well barf into something that's pleasing to the eye instead of a plastic grocery bag. Enter Morning "Chicness" Bags, which are not only practical for when morning sickness hits outside of the house, but also come in an array of fun designs! ($7.95 for a pack of 10, Morning Chicness Bags)

  • BabyBelly Groin Band


    There comes a time in every pregnant woman's life when she feels really preggo and sort of like her vag just might fall right onto the floor. This groin band will keep her feeling supported. Enter the BabyBelly Groin Band, which offers compression support to the expectant mama. ($25, BabyBellyBand)

  • BOLA Musical Pregnancy Pendant


    This sweet necklace has a little pendant on the end that makes a soft chime sound, which your baby can hear after 20 weeks in the womb as you move around. (Cool!) Additionally, the necklace is homemade and can be double-wrapped to make a nursing necklace. Beautiful, unique, and a treasured memento, these necklaces are a must! ($36, Bellies in Bloom Maternity

  • Razor Reach


    This is so cool a mom will probably use it after her baby arrives. The Razor Reach attaches to a razor so one doesn't have to bend down to shave her legs. (No more excuses!) Hey, beats balancing with one leg on the bath ledge! ($15, Amazon)

  • BellyBuds BellyPhones


    Moms have to have a pair of BellyPhones. With these babies, anyone can play soft music for baby in the womb or even play voice messages. And the BellyPhones are even small enough to slip under a shirt and use while on the go. Moms can also use these to play voice messages from grandma and grandpa! ($40, Amazon)

  • Cozy Bump


    For those who haven't been pregnant before, there is no way they could understand the pain of having to sleep on their back for nine months. In comes the Cozy Bump, an inflatable pregnancy pillow that has a hole just where mom's belly sits. Made so that stomach sleepers can finally get a good night's rest, this thing is a lifesaver. ($75, Amazon)

  • A Maternity Belt


    Every mom knows that by the ninth month, the back pain is real. But if one hasn't had the pleasure of searing back pain, then she may not know about maternity belts -- truly a lifesaver if the pain is getting out of control. Made from materials that are supportive and have stretch, a maternity belt is adjustable. We like this one from IDS Home  ($14, Amazon) or this one from NEOtech Care -- which goes up to a XXL ($24, Amazon).

  • The "Momwasher" Fridet


    Technically, this is a tool for after baby is born, but the proactive mom might want to stock up before her delivery date. The FridaBaby "Fridet" series is a product line of postpartum bidets meant to help the healing process. With an angled head that is meant to make it easier to reach "down there," the MomWasher is A+ in our book. ($16, Amazon)

  • Vagi-Sitz Bath Kit


    Let's have some real talk, right now, woman to woman. The nitty-gritty truth is that pregnancy brings some unpleasant side effects: swollen ankles, gas, and if one is particularly unlucky, hemorrhoids. We know this Vagi-Sitz Bath Kit may look a little strange, but it offers the instant relief one needs when the pregnancy symptoms are too real. ($23, Amazon)

  • Disposable Maternity Underwear


    Trust us on this one. Yes, it might seems a little silly to wear disposable underwear, but while a postpartum mom recovers -- especially if she's had a C-section -- these things are a Godsend. Buy a pack of these Carer Unisex Maternity Underwear (and thank us later!) ($17 for a pack of 20, Amazon)

  • Weleda Perineum Massage Oil


    Don't laugh, this product is actually brilliant. If one starts early enough, perineum oil can prevent tearing or episiotomies, which, as anyone who's been through that particularly painful experience can share, is very, very painful. ($14, Amazon)

  • Womb Monitor and Sound Recorder


    Want to know what baby is doing in there? A womb sound amplifier lets mom and dad hear every kick, heartbeat, and turn that baby makes in mom's tummy. The device comes with dual ear phone jacks and allows mom and dad to record baby's noises, so they can share the joy with family and friends. ($100, Amazon)

  • Bio Bands


    Feeling like the morning sickness is taking over? The Bio Band uses acupuncture to help quell nausea. Using the pressure point on the inside of the wrist, the band has a bead that will apply pressure and alleviate morning sickness symptoms. ($12, Bio Bands

  • HealthmateForever TENS Machine


    Suffering from a swollen back from carrying the little one around all day? Why not give a TENS machine a try? The device sends electromagnetic impulses through electrodes placed on the body. The impulses target the muscles and can help alleviate back pain. Some moms even used this product during labor to counteract their labor pains. Now that's a product worth paying for! ($29, Amazon)

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