Jenelle Evans' Belly Ring Looks Nice Now But She's In for a Rude Awakening (PHOTO)

jenelle evans belly ringTeen Mom Jenelle Evans is expecting again. How do I know this? Oh, because she posts something about it every few minutes on social media. And her latest Instagram pic shows her growing baby bump with a "Baby on Board" belly ring in! Cute!

But just a heads up, Jenelle, from one belly pierced mama to another -- I see you have a plastic ring in already, but you may have to take it out altogether in a few months.

I know! The sacrifices we must make for our kids!


I can't remember at what exact point I was at in my pregnancy when I had to take my usual belly ring out, but I was far along. Maybe seven or eight months? And it was a sad day. I realize that being a woman in her 30s with a belly button ring is kind of, I dunno, cheesy, but I can't get rid of it. I'm so used to seeing it, and it's a relic from my youth. So yeah, it's staying. But anyway. Belly button rings and pregnancy: Let's talk about them.

For those belly button ring-clad of you who recently found out you're pregnant, congrats! And you can keep your normal ring in for a while, no problem. But as your belly grows, the skin covering your belly begins to stretch, making the area around the ring more prone to infection and possibly painful. You can either take the ring out altogether or get a belly ring specifically made for pregnancy. (Warning, they're not very attractive, but if you're worried about your hole closing up, it does the trick.)

If you've managed to make it all the way through your pregnancy (40 weeks) without taking your ring out, your doctor will likely ask you to remove it before you deliver, in the case that you wind up needing a c-section. But there's no need to worry about it closing up during that time, because it likely won't be out very long.

You know, I always thought the only thing Jenelle Evans and I had in common was the fact that we're both human beings, but what do you know? We've secretly been twinsies all along!

Did you have a belly button ring while pregnant?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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