Predict Your Baby's Gender Sooner Than Ever With This New 'Test'

sonogramIf you've made up your mind to find out the sex of your baby, the 20-week appointment, where you learn if you're having a boy or girl, can feel like an eternity away. But a brand new method/wives' tale called Skull Theory might reveal what you're having at one of your first sonograms.

Skull Theory apparently gained traction from pregnancy message boards, where moms-to-be post photos of their early ultrasounds, and other women guess what the sex of their unborn baby is. There's a belief that if the baby's head has a larger, boxier forehead, it's likely a boy, and if the head is rounded, it's a girl. The origin of this practice is believed to be drawn from anthropological studies of skeletons. The foreheads of male skeletons tend to be more prominent, whereas female skeletons are typically more delicate and rounded. But the problem with using this as a building block to determine your baby's sex is that this method applies to adult skeletons, not baby ones. These differences tend to develop with maturity.

Kristina Killgrove, a bioarchaeologist at the University of West Florida, told LiveScience, "It makes no sense. Until you get to maturity or at least puberty you just don't get these sexually dimorphic features of the skulls in males and females."

So, bottom line, Skull Theory is more entertainment than an actual medical belief. But hey, no harm in yet another sex guessing game. There are plenty already out there -- the placenta placement one; whether you're carrying high or low. What's one more?

So, go ahead ladies. Analyze those early ultrasound photos 'til your heart's content. But remember: While you may be able to tell if your little one has your husband's nose, you likely won't know if that nose belongs to a he or a she.

Did you find out the sex of your baby?


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Katie Amblod

i found out what my baby was on the 13 week ultrasound. i knew he was a boy because the ultrasound tech went over the parts and i saw them clear as day. i couldnt be sure until the 20 week ultrasound and she kept the camera over his parts to be sure. but you CAN see your babys gender at 13 weeks. i sure as hell did

JaiLei JaiLei

I found out at my 14 week ultrasound. I could see it. Definitely at girl. The tech was sure, but cautioned that it couldn't be confirmed until my 20 week. Which it was.

Latoria Green

I seen my babies gender at 13 weeks too, I didn't know I was pregnant wi my second son until I was in my second trimester, went to the doctor as soon as I found out and the doctor goes to do the ultrasound and says you are about 13 weeks and its a boy lol I was shocked.

sandl... sandlinmix6

I had my ultrasound at 19 weeks & between the legs were 3 lines which means girl. 

Mrs.B... Mrs.Bolin

Yes i found out the sex of both my girls before 30 weeks when they were finally able to see. I carried high with my oldest daughter with a perfect pregnancy and carried low with my youngest daughter and had HELL with that pregnancy. I swore my youngest was a boy. Nope! Girl!

Polis... PolishMamma2

Ha?? No i dont think so. Not in the first ultra sound anyway. I had all 3 of my first ultra sounds done around 9 weeks, and at that stage all they are is head, lol

dj_kern dj_kern

I didn't find out what I was having until the day the came into this world, they are now 11 and 6 both boys. With my next pregnancy we will find out, hoping for a girl.

QOTU1959 QOTU1959

I did not want to find out the sex of my babies.  When I was pregnant with my son who is now 26 I went for a sonogram and at that time they were just beginning to be able to predict the sex of the child accurately.  The woman who performed the ultrasound asked me if I wanted to know the sex of the baby and I told her "no".  The other nurse who was in the room at the time and was also involved in the performance of the ultrasound and taking my vitals as well etc. said   "The heartbeat is fast--like a boy!" and then just gave a small smile to me.   I did have a boy but I did not appreciate her comment since I had said I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW ahead of time the sex of my child.  I thought that was rude and unprofessional since the mother's request to not know should be honored.  Some people (very few these days it seems) really do not want to know until the child is born what the sex of the child is.

nonmember avatar Deena

My doctor did a blood test called Panorama that genetic testing and also tells you the gender. I found out at 9 weeks.

Alicia Hobbs

There is a test you can buy at the grocery store that can predict the sex of your baby as early as 6 weeks. It works just like a pregnancy test. It accurately predicted the gender of my last boy. I think the statistics are that it has about 80% accuracy. I think its called Intelligender. I read about it in a parenting magazine at my OB's office. For only $20 it was worth it!

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