Gwen Stefani Shares Hottest Baby Bump Selfie We've Ever Seen (PHOTO)

Gwen Stefani

Whoa -- holy hot mama-to-be! Check out Gwen Stefani's stunning baby bump selfie, which she posted to Twitter yesterday. Um ... is she absolutely gorgeous or what? She's what pretty much every expectant mom dreams of being -- the hot pregnant chick.

Oh come on, admit it. When you found out you had a bun in the oven, you vowed to be a sexy preggo too. (We all did.)

I cannot get over how amazing Gwen looks, and one thing's for sure. She's all baby. It looks as though she hasn't put on an ounce of weight anywhere other than her belly, so she's obviously doing a great job of keeping herself in shape.

Ok, enough with the suspense. Here's the full shot:

Gwen Stefani

And if you're thinking this pic looks kind of familiar, you aren't mistaken. Kristin Cavallari posted a baby bump selfie dressed in workout gear a couple days ago, and Gwen's photo is pretty darn similar. (Except for the heels, of course. And more power to her for being able to stand up straight in those things!)

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I guess it's not all that big of a shocker to see a celebrity mom looking more beautiful than ever even with a big old baby bump, but let me once again point out that this is Gwen's third child -- and she's 44 years old. Um, I don't know about you, but I can only hope to look as awesome at 44 not pregnant as Gwen does with a baby on the way.

If I were her, I'd keep posting selfies right up until my due date. Who wouldn't want to flaunt it a little bit in her case?

Have you felt "hot" during your pregnancy?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar janey

You are insufferable. When I found out I was pregnant, I vowed to be HEALTHY not sexy.

Kimberley Cev-Skr

I don't know if I ever felt hot... it was more like overheated or over-baked. LOL

nonmember avatar lexi

I agree with the above comments. I NEVER vowed to be a sexy preggo with any of my four pregnancies. I did vow to be healthy about my choices I made. And to be accepting of my body changing however it needed to accommodate my growing baby. While pregnancy is definitely a beautiful thing, the last word on my mind was sexy lol!

Angela Jackson

I love u Gwen u have always been beautiful and creative congrats on the baby!

getov... getoverit07

Ok. Who cares how you all felt pregnant^^^. Its not about you. She looks fabulous. Just because your jealous doesn't mean you have to compare your pregnant issues or opinion. Haters gunna hate. Shes stunning. Always has been always will be. She looks healthy. So why assume because she is happy with herself that she isn't healthy. Smh. Lmao

nonmember avatar lexi

Getoverit07 the question at the bottom says "have you ever felt "hot" during your pregnancy?" So that was the response we gave. Gwen DOES look hot as always. But the question asked by the poster of this article was directed towards the readers feelings on themselves not their feelings on how Gwen looks. So before you call someone a "hater" make sure you understand where the response was derived from.

getov... getoverit07

Lexi.. you can express your opinion on your pregnancy and answer the question. Obviously thats what its about on this site. But you all seem to act like because she looks great her priority is to be more hot or sexy then healthy. It just comes off as jealous and being a hater. Js

nonmember avatar Jody

Gwen looks fantastic.. especially this being her third pregnancy. WOW !! If I only looked this good.. I had a 12 1/2 pound baby 22 years ago. And the only time i could say i came close to looking this good was in my first month of pregnancy. A small baby bump was all that was visible, by my third month i could not see my feet already. WOW amazing Gwen. God be with you and your family.

rfhsure rfhsure

I never felt sexy during my pregnancy. It no surprise that Gwen looks amazing though.

nonmember avatar Eula

She looks awesome. Not trashy like KK.

Congrats Gwen and family

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