Pregnancy To-Do List

8 Pregnancy Problems You Have to See to Believe (PHOTOS)

pregnancy problemsYou can complain about your pregnancy problems. But unless you've actually been pregnant, it can be hard to truly understand pregnancy problems. That's where photos come in. If a picture is worth a thousand words, each of these photos is worth a thousand birth control pills. Haha! Just kidding, pregnant ladies. We know you're doing important work and all your pain and suffering will be worth it once your baby finally arrives. IF that baby ever arrives!

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SaphireH SaphireH

my belly button is all funky now after 3 kids, love them to death but ug

linzemae linzemae

Those poor ankles!

nonmember avatar phishmom81

and I thought my stretch marks were bad.

Sarah... SarahHall58

I feel for the stretch marks girl. My ankles are barely there anymore.

youth... youthfulsoul

Yowza. Those are quite the stretch marks.

Railr... RailroadGirl

After seeing those pictures it makes me feel very fortunate I didn't get stretch marks on my belly and my ankles didn't swell like that. I did eat everything in sight though.

Jess_Lee Jess_Lee

That happened to my feet all the way up to my knees. But only bc of a 2 day trip that we had to take 3 times in a week and a half (Texas to Georgia to look for a house and job. Back to Texas to finish getting our stuff packed. And then moved back home to Georgia) regardless of all the stops we made (more since I'm pregnant, and with a 4yr old who even though we let him wear pull ups during the trip, refused to use them unless he absolutely had to) they were swollen super badly for about a week and was during the first freeze this yr and I was stuck wearing flip flops :( thank goodness they are back to normal now.

caleb... calebsmama12312

I had bad swelling in my feet & legs. My right one was noticably worse though. I wonder why some people get such intense stretch marks & some don't. I thought for sure that I would but fortunately I only have a few on my inner thighs.

LoveM... LoveMeChain

Oh my god those stretch marks! I feel horrible for her! Any tips on avoiding that, anyone? Please?

caleb... calebsmama12312

@Lovemechain I rubbed palmer's cocobutter on my belly every night as soon as I found out I was pregnant(8weeks) until a few weeks after I delivered. People say it doesn't really work but who knows? I didn't get any on my belly but maybe I wouldn't have regaurdless.

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