Scientist Discovers How Pregnant Women Can Keep Babies From 'Turning' Gay

cigaretteWell whatta-ya-know? If the fact that it rots your lungs, causes cancer, and is incredibly detrimental to the health of your growing baby isn't enough, new research shows that smoking while pregnant might "turn" your kid gay.

Yes, someone really took the time to conduct a study to see if there's a link between pregnant smoking and homosexuality. And yes, I'm just as puzzled as you are as to why.

According to Professor Dick Swaab, a scientist at the University of Amsterdam, a person's sexual orientation is pre-determined in the womb.


In his research, he found that women who smoked during their pregnancies have a greater likelihood of having lesbian daughters -- because of the chemicals and all the other junk in cigarettes.

Oh, and did I mention that pregnant women who are stressed also supposedly have a greater chance of their child being gay? And what relieves stress for some folks? Smoking. So if you're preggo and stressed and a smoker, I guess it's pretty much a double whammy.

I'm sorry ... I'm sure this research was well-intentioned -- but does this dude really think this information will convince someone who chooses to smoke during pregnancy to quit? Like, these women will wake up one day and go, "OMG. Forget all the other harm smoking could possibly to do my baby. I'd better put the cancer sticks down now so he/she doesn't wind up being gay."

(Ok, so I'm being a bit over the top -- but this is so ridiculous, it lends itself to a snarky tone on my part.)

Seriously, of all the horrible things smoking can do to a developing baby ... this is what we're worried about? Either this guy and his team have way too much time on their hands, or they have their priorities all messed up as far as what we should be most concerned about when it comes to pregnancy health.

Your baby will be who he/she is meant to be ... period. As for anyone who is careless and stupid enough to smoke during pregnancy? Having a gay child should be the absolute least of their concerns.

If you were a smoker beforehand, was simply being pregnant enough to make you quit?


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