Gwen Stefani Reveals Her Baby's Gender

gwen stefaniIt seems like it was only yesterday that we found out Gwen Stefani was expecting. But now here we are, finding out the sex of her baby-to-be. She did a gender-revealing cake for a few of the staffers in The Stir office earlier on, and the sex is ...

It's a boy! Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are expecting another baby boy. That makes three! And that makes Gwen outnumbered by four dudes! At first, I felt kinda bad for Gwen -- I mean, the lady has to kind of want to buy a tiny baby dress once in her life -- but the more I thought about it, I realized: Gwen is the queen of her house! In fact, that's exactly what she said on her Instagram post when she broke the news -- "I was ready to hand over the crown. but I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys" Cute!

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And then there's the fact that Gwen has everything she needs for a baby boy already. I mean, I'm sure her celeb friends will shower her with all sorts of new infant swag, but some of Kingston's and Zuma's clothes have to be recycled. How could they not? Those kids are more fashionable than most adults I know.

Anyway, congrats, Gwen and Gavin! You guys are apparently destined to be the parents of super cute little boys. Can't wait to see Rossdale's latest haircut when he's old enough to, you know, get a haircut.

Do you have all boys or all girls?


Image via Gwen Stefani/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Lily

Aw, she definitely wanted a girl... but all that matters is that he is healthy! She is my favorite female celebrity, so refreshing.

nonmember avatar Shannon

I wanted all boys. I got a boy and a girl...who I adore and wouldn't trade for anything. In all honesty though, I did want both to be boys. Not everyone dreams of dresses and frills.

Krystian Kaufold

All girls. 

My oldest is a girl, which I had a gut feeling before I found out with her. My twins, I was for sure that it was going to be a boy/girl, as that's what runs in my family....But we got two girls, and I love it. 

It's hard to shop for a boy...

Momst... Momsthename0609

I have four boys. No I was not trying for a girl, I just wanted a large amount of children regardless of the gender.

nonmember avatar Kelly

That sucks! At least Gavin has a daughter:)

nonmember avatar Becky

Hard to shop for a boy?! Try telling that to my wallet!

love9... love9kids8pets

I have 6 boys and 3 girls. 4 boys then a girl, boy, girl, girl then another boy. I do remember wanting a girl so bad before I had my first girl and when she finally came I had bought everything pink and girly. I now still dress my two younger girls really girly but don't go crazy buying everything. I love all my kids of course but I do think boys are easier to raise.

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