Couple Takes Sexiest Pregnancy Photos You've Ever Seen

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lingerieWhen you're pregnant, the phrase world's sexiest pregnant lady feels like an impossible feat. Beautiful? Yes. Cute? Sure. Bloated? Most definitely. Sexy? Not so much. Sure there are fetishes for such things, but we're not going to get into that here and now. Still, feeling sexy is kind of the first thing to go and the last thing to return during and after the time you are with child. Yet we all have our moments often reserved for those semi-naked belly shots showing off all our impending motherhood. We feel womanly. Even sensual.

So we take those photos wearing only underwear, our hands covering our breasts, displaying that baby bump from our best angle. Jessie James, star of Eric and Jessie: Game On, did this whole idea one better. GQ magazine took photos of Jessie and husband Eric Decker in some of the sexiest positions a pregnant woman has ever been in.

In case you don't watch the show, Eric is a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos and Jessie is a singer. Clearly, they are both gorgeous. (Side note: Oh my goodness it's almost Valentine's Day?!?!)

This is huge! I'm not talking about Jessie's belly. I'm not talking about, um, Eric either. Not really. I mean GQ is featuring a sexy photo-spread of a pregnant woman in the act of seducing her husband. This -- for me -- knocks it all out of the park ... maybe I should say stadium? End zone? It's fantastic! Pregnant women are sexy. Men find their pregnant loves sexy, too. Maybe the men who are creeped out by pregnant sex will think twice. You can be sexy and sexual when pregnant. It keeps the bond and the love alive. Plus, it's the final months before you have to think about getting it on quietly or while sneaking away out of sight into the bathroom. Which is exciting, too.

If you want to find out what the best sex positions are when pregnant ... click those words to find out.

Did you or do you feel sexy when pregnant? What do you think of this GQ photospread?


Image via The Lingerie Addict/Flickr

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femal... femaleMIKE

I don't need to see how they got pregnant.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

It is a sexy pic and they are a beautiful couple.

nonmember avatar Okaaaay

Because until a celebrity does it, it has never been done. There are tons of pregnant women before her who have embraced their sex appeal. Just because they don't display it for everyone to see doesn't mean they aren't sexy. Any women can seduce her partner, with or without bump. As femaleMike said nobody needs to see how that baby was made. It just seems like they are cashing in on the pregnancy. And if it "knocks it out of the stadium" for the writer, I suggest more alone time with her partner. Because if she just now found out pregnant women can be sexy than she obviously is missing A LOT!!!

nonmember avatar Theresa

Bitter Betties missing the point as usual. For a magazine geared toward men to celebrate the beauty and sexiness of a woman's pregnant body is a huge deal. It's called progression. Ever hear of it? GQ is specifically showing men how stupid the idea of the Madonna-like views of your pregnant woman is. Of course jealous prudes have a problem with the pics. Low self-esteem always manifests itself in the form of criticism of others who do what haters wish they could.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

These particular pictures are cheesy and tacky.

Laura Palmer

We don't like it when they "sexualize" breastfeeding.... but sexualizing pregnancy is cool right????

nonmember avatar Alissa

I can't believe how low some people are. So a husband and wife being sexual toward each other while the wife is pregnant is suddenly comparable to a mother feeding her child? I don't know if you are a sicko or prude, or somehow a combination of both.

Paws84 Paws84

Could they be any hotter? Good god they're definitely the sexiest couple ever!

Paws84 Paws84

Only thing I don't like about this is guys will start expecting all pregnant chicks to look that good, and that just can't happen unless the chick is like 18 or 80 lbs. She's not swollen at all and everything except her belly looks the same.

nonmember avatar me

Well good for her. I definately didnt feel sexy at all. With my swallen ankles, and feet and legs as my pregnancies progressed, constant gas and heartburn, weight gain and pinched nerves and exhaustion it was hard to take sexy shots. Lol. Now I wish I had attempted to at least take some photos though, I probably have about 5 pics of me pregnant between my 3 kids.

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