Mom's 4th Baby Born on Same Day as 3 Older Siblings

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birthday cupcakeGet outta town! The odds of something like this happening are 133,000 to one, but a mom in the U.K. just gave birth to her fourth child on the same day her other three kids were born.

Crazy right? Emily Scrugham was just as shocked as you can imagine when her new son, Ryan, decided to make his entrance on January 12, giving him the same birthday as his 5-year-old brother Sam and twin 2-year-old sisters, Brooke and Nicole.

And I know what you're thinking -- this mom probably conceived all of her kids around the same time in the hopes that they'd share a birthday.

But that's not the case at all. Emily says, "I really can't believe we have another birthday on the same day, it certainly wasn't planned. None of the births were due on January 12, Sam was two weeks late, the twins one month early, and Ryan three days late."

So there you have it. All four of them being born on the same day is nothing but a mere coincidence. The fact that none of them were due on that date makes the whole thing even more amazing.

As the children grow up, Emily insists she will throw their four respective birthday parties all on January 12 and does not plan on moving things around so each kid gets his own special day to celebrate.

And while it is kind of neat and unique that all of these children share a birthday -- I'm just not sure I'd want the same for my kids. That is, if I had more than one child. I would feel so bad for my son if all of a sudden his birthday wasn't solely his anymore. It would be like the new baby would come in and steal his thunder, taking away the one day out of the year that was supposed to be all about celebrating him -- something he shouldn't have to share with anyone else.

In thinking about this possibility, I can recall a photo of my mother that was taken at her fifth birthday party. It's a black-and-white photo, and she's sitting there at the table in front of her cake with this disappointed, pissed off look on her face. And it's all because her craptastic brother had to go and be born on the day before her birthday. Her parents were at the hospital dealing with him and couldn't be at her party. (For the record, he's a total asshat who no one in the family speaks to anymore; otherwise, I'd use a kinder choice of words.)

As a little girl who simply wanted her birthday to be special, she had a right to be upset -- which is why this mom should probably consider singling her kids out in some significant way if she can instead of looping all of their birthdays into one big celebration. Sure, the family can still do a party on the 12th -- but each kid needs his or her own few minutes in the spotlight as well.

Would you be upset if your kids shared a birthday?


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Laura Walteros

My twin brother and I have always celebrated our birthday with our uncle that was born 4 days before(even on the year of my quincenera and my uncle's 50th), and my Mum, Aunt, Cousin, and 2nd Cousin tend to celebrate theirs together. It makes it easier and the one year my brother and I couldn't celebrate with my uncle, something felt off. I like the multiple birthdays in one. Makes it more of a special family celebration and less of a selfish one that most kids tends to have with all that ME ME ME ME ME attitude going around.

Jacee... Jacee2348

I agree with @LauraWalteros, the more the merrier - one big celebration!  But it might be a little tough for those who want to buy presents for the kids - they're now having to buy 4 all at once, and right after Christmas.  But I don't think the kids will feel short-changed; they will still all be celebrated with one big party!  My boys are 2 years & 6 weeks apart and I threw a couple of their birthday parties together when they were growing up; they didn't mind a bit.  :)

nonmember avatar Deanna

I was due with baby #2 three days after the oldest ones birthday. After finding out I would need to have a scheduled cesarean my doctor offered to do it so they would have the same birthday. I politely declined, they both deserve to have that special day to themselves.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I think I'd do one big party, and then each kid gets to pick something special to do. You'd end up with a week-long celebration, with each birthday person having their own activity throughout.

Andre... Andreamom001

I know a mom with three kids born within the same week of the year--all in early May.  They do a combined birthday.

Joy Swenson

My older sister and I have the same birthday, we're one year apart (my poor mother) and maybe because I never knew any different I've loved celebrating with her. Ten years ago I moved to another state so we can no longer celebrate together and without my sister, my birthday just doesn't feel like a celebration.

nonmember avatar Dana

My mama gave birth to 5 kids; born January, Febuary, March, April and May. I always thought this was so neat and we NEVER forgot each other birthdays!!

nonmember avatar Brittnei

My sister and I share the same birthday and we are 12 years apart. We also share it with our uncle and a girl I went to school with and its also a holiday

river... river_coal

My sister, stepbrother, cousin, and I were all born in February. We use to always have joint bday parties. It was a blast, we each got our own group of friends to come, and all the family would be there. I don't ever recall any one of us feeling slighted.

LandPmon LandPmon

I went into labor with my daughter on the night of my son's birthday and prayed that she would wait! Luckily (or not) she waited two days!

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