Couple's 'Horror Movie' Baby Announcement Is Cleverest We've Seen (VIDEO)

man looking in oven

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, some are sweet, some are really cute -- and then there are those that are so unique and fun, you could kick yourself for not thinking of them when you told people you had a baby on board.

Like the couple who turned their pregnancy news into a horror movie scene ... literally. No, not with blood and gore and guts and all that junk.

Take a look -- I promise you won't be too terrified.


OMG. Could they be any cuter? A bun in the oven. And I just adore the whole bit with the call coming from somewhere inside the house -- which is one of the oldest tales in the book as far as scary stories go.

Good grief. If this video doesn't set the bar high as far as creative pregnancy announcements go, then nothing will. And doesn't it put regular old phone calls telling friends and family, "I'm pregnant!" to shame?

Dang. Every time I see a couple do something fun and different like this, I wonder why in the heck my husband and I were so boring about the whole thing when we were expecting our son. I know when you're pregnant, you want to immediately shout it from the rooftops -- but how cool is it to have a video like this to look back at and relive the moment over and over again for years to come?

Sigh. This almost makes me want to have a baby all over again. (Not really. Ok, not at all, but whatever.)

How did you announce your pregnancy news?


Image via Brandon Pitts/YouTube

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Jacee... Jacee2348

That was very, very cute.  And creative!  :)

nonmember avatar Kristi

Cleverest? Really? Is that even a word?

princ... princessshay27

Now that's how you announce a pregnancy! That was awesome!

GypsiSky GypsiSky

So awesome!!

sandl... sandlinmix6

I put a hamburger bun in the oven, then posted the picture on facebook. No words just a picture and see who all understood. 

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