2008 Baby Names of the Year



Baby-naming gurus Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, book authors and creators of the baby name site nameberry, have come up with a list of the Baby Names of the Year -- the names that gained attention and drew our interest in 2008.

What put these names in the spotlight? The election, of course, but also pop culture and the country's economic state.

Here are the 10 names on their list.

2008 Baby Names of the Year

Barack -- Thank you, Mr. President. Barack is exactly the kind of singular, ethnic, family name that the next generation of parents is bound to celebrate.

Miley -- Over 2,000 baby girls were name Miley (as in Cyrus), Mylee, or Mylie in the last year counted, and boy cousins Milo and Miles  are also climbing the charts.

Joe -- Joe -- the Plumber, Six-Pack, and Biden -- was 2008's Everyman name choice and has been among the top 15 boys names since the Social Security Administration started keeping records in 1880.

Ruby -- A name currently popular with hip mamas and cool dads -- other hipster favorites are Oscar, Matilda, Rufus, and Sadie.

Edward -- A nod to the vampire hero of Stephenie Myers' Twilight series.

Trig -- Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a maverick baby-namer -- infant son Trig's name is Norse for "strength" and middle name Paxson is an Alaska place name.

January -- As Betty Draper, the heroine of TV's "Mad Men," actress January Jones introduced her own thoroughly modern name that manages to straddle the old and the new.

Bronx -- The Crazy Starbaby of the Year Award goes to Bronx Mowgli, newborn son of rockers Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.

Sasha -- Everyone's making a fuss over the name of older Obama daughter Malia, but we think Sasha is more worthy. In the Second First Daughter's case, Sasha is short for Natasha. It was spelled Sascha by Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld, who used it for their daughter.

Cash -- The economy's tanked, so where should we turn but to Cash, the baby name choice of almost a thousand parents last year.

For the more detailed list from Satran and Rosenkrantz and for fabulous baby name inspiration in general (browse  names by popularity, style, meaning, and more) -- go to nameberry

For local ideas, scout out Baby Name Central (it's a private group, so you'll need to join) or Baby Name Polls and Opinions.

What do you think of this list? See any names you like? Or don't?


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babyg... babygal60428

I still like Angelica which means angelic messenger.

Acid Acid

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are another example of what celebrities should have to take a test to make sure they don't name their poor child something stupid.  I mean, come on, Bronx MOWGLI. 

Pilot Inspektor, Kel-el, Apple, I really feel sorry for these kids.

Cafe... Cafe Kristen

Here is what Nameberry says about my daughter's name, Estelle:

Estelle is a muumuu-wearing canasta player of a certain age or a punk rocker of the future.

I think this is very funny, and I still love Nameberry even if they call her a muumuu-wearer.

mommy... mommyniki_29

I was surprised that Harper is popping up as a name lately.....I had been wanting to name a girl Harper since I was in 8th grade....Big fan of To Kill A Mockingbird....and most people I mentioned it to asked...where in the world did that name come from..

Katie... KatieCrandall

Kristen, that is hilarious!

broly... brolyx429

My little boys name is my all time fav for a boy (calyx) and brodie just suits my little girl perfect... we are pregnant with our 3rd and have no idea what to do for it?! I like isis or nadia for a girl. But have a little while to think about it. That site is adorable though.

tgiamt tgiamt

I love the name Bronx mowgli. But Jungle book is my favorite Disney movie.

Charm... Charmedmommy82

This is what my kids' names mean on that site:

Wyatt ~ Hotwhich is to say coolfor several years now, Wyatt has an easy Wyatt Earpish cowboy charm: its relaxed but still highly respectable.

Hailey ~ There are no less than ten different variations of this name on the current Most Popular list, with this spelling the only one approaching the Top 25. So, although the name has a shiny, unpretentious charm, its mass popularity makes it very much of the moment.

Natalie ~ This Franco-Russian name became Americanized years ago, now a new generation is reviving it to join former canasta partners Sophie and Belle. Sometimes given to girls born on Christmas, Natalie was Cameron Diaz's character in Charlie's Angels. Newly popular spellings: Nataly, Nathalie, Natalee, and Nathaly.

Lexsi... LexsiesMommy

I dont like the presidents name it sounds like a dyinig parrots last breath honestly



but anyway thats IMO nothing against him personally i mean heck i voted for the guy too anyway,

My name isnt on there, And i think its the BEST name :O)

Esabella Annalise!

momof... momof2jmms

I really like the name Saxon. 

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