Taking Anxiety Pills While Pregnant: Who Are We to Judge? (VIDEO)

You suffedanielle jonas kevin jonasr from a mood disorder like anxiety or depression, but you have an undeniable desire to start a family with children you bear yourself, if possible. What do you do? Some women suffer through pregnancy med-free. Others, like Danielle Jonas, take anti-anxiety medication through their pregnancy and hope for the best. Danielle and her husband Kevin recently talked about her difficult decision. It's one few women take lightly. Is she doing the right thing?


I think it's easy to second-guess any pregnant woman who chooses to take anti-anxiety meds. Doctors still don't know very much about their effect except that the drugs do cross the placenta and can affect a developing fetus. There are other ways to treat anxiety, like acupuncture and yoga. And anyway, it's just nine months.

But ultimately, this decision is not for us to decide for another woman. Every person who suffers anxiety is different. An expecting mom like Danielle will work closely with her doctor to come up with the best solution for her. And yes, for some people, the best option is to take meds -- the lowest dosage that's still effective enough, but still, meds. 

Rather than judge, I think we need to be supportive and encourage people to make the best, most informed choice they can. I'm tremendously grateful I never faced this dilemma. But I have good friends who have. And believe me, they took their respective decisions seriously. I'm glad Danielle was willing to share her experience with an issue many other pregnant women face.

Aol - Danielle Jonas: Medication Is Helping Me With Pregnancy Anxiety

If you suffered depression or anxiety, do you think you'd take medication through your pregnancy -- or have you already?


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