70 Prettiest Baby Girl Names From Around the World


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Here's an idea: Just when it seems like everyone else is into naming their babies the most unique, oddest names they can think up, why not consider a name that is perfectly common -- in another country? Ethnic baby names from faraway places like Argentina, Japan, Kenya, and Ireland can be perfectly beautiful and provide just enough razzle dazzle without being over the top. Whether you have roots in one of these countries or just like the idea of paying homage to a different culture, you may flip when you discover some of these incredibly pretty girls' names. 

Irish baby names are still pretty popular, but can be tricky because so many are spelled in ways that are unfamiliar to most of us. 
Ashling -- means a "vision" or "dream."
Brianna -- means "noble" or "virtuous." 
Cara -- means "a friend." 
Cassidy -- taken from the word "curly-haired."
Daireann (pronounced dar-rawn) -- means "fruitful."
Kalin (pronounced kay-linn) -- means "white, fair, pure." 
Maeve -- means "someone who causes great joy."
Meara (pronounced meer-a) -- means the "sea."
Neave -- means "radiant" and "bright."
Regan -- means "sovereign" and "king." 
Adette -- means "sweet" and "noble."
Katja -- form of "Katherine."
Alwine -- means "noble friend." 
Ilva -- this name is derived from that of an island in Italy.
Claudia -- Saint Claudia was the mother of the second pope, Linus.
Eva -- means "life."
Sylvia -- means "wooded" and "forest."
Monika -- means "uncertain."
Adrienne -- means "from Hadria."
Bijou -- means "jewel."
Colette -- means "victory of the people." 
Genevieve -- means "uncertain" and "perhaps." 
Marguerite -- means "daisy."
Odette -- means "wealth."
Penelope -- means "weaver." 
Simone -- means "listening."
Virginie -- means "maiden."
Valentina -- means "healthy" and "strong."
Alma -- means "maiden."
Lola -- means "sorrows."
Graciela -- means "grace."
Martina -- means "from the god Mars."
Camila -- means "altar server."
Catalina -- means "pure."
Antonella -- means "worthy of praise." 
Asa -- means "healer." 
Aurora -- means "dawn."
Dagmaer -- means "great."
Elina -- means "torch" and "bright."
Freyja -- means "woman."
Junia -- means "adolescent."
Liv -- means "my God is a vow." 
Aaliya-- means "of the highest."
Dafina -- means "high worth."
Dalila -- means "gentleness."
Fahari -- means "magnificent."
Hakika -- means "truth."
Niara -- means "one with high purpose."
Saida -- means "happy."
Akemi -- means "bright and beautiful."
Ami -- means "my people."
Fumi -- means "history."
Hana -- means "flower."
Haruka -- means "faraway."
Isae -- means "blessed with merit."
Kanae -- means "beautiful one." 
Anika -- named after the goddess Durga.
Avani -- means "Earth."
Nisha -- means "night."
Chadna -- means "love."
Riti -- means "well-being."
Rukma -- means "golden."
Satya -- means "truth."
Harper -- means "harp."
Imogen -- named after Shakespeare's heroine in Cymbeline.  
Charli -- means "small beauty."
Teagan -- means "little poet."
Matilda -- means "battle strength."
Willow -- named after a tree or shrub from the Salix family.
Gemma -- means "precious stone."

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