Mom Starts Heartbreaking Petition After Baby Dies Following Forceps Delivery (VIDEO)

oliviaAre there some baby delivery procedures that should be banned? A couple claims a forceps delivery crushed their baby's skull and caused brain death. Rachel Melancon and her fiancée Allen Coats just buried their baby daughter this weekend, five days after the infant's delivery. (Baby Olivia had been on life support.) Now Melancon and Coats are suing their obstetrician, Dr. George T. Backardjiev, for using forceps to deliver their daughter instead of doing a C-section, as Melancon claims she requested. And they're doing more -- they've posted a petition proposing the Olivia Law, which would ban the use of forceps in delivery.

Rachel Melancon is 4 feet, 11 inches and weighed just 95 pounds before her pregnancy, according to her Allen's mother, Angie Coats. Olivia weighed 7 pounds, 14.9 ounces and measured 22 inches long at birth. Rachel was worried about delivering the baby and carried Olivia past her Christmas Day due date. Angie told ABC News:

Rachel had a normal, healthy pregnancy and the day she went in to see if she could be induced, it was already after Christmas. The baby was so gigantic inside of her. She asked, "Can you please give me a C-section? This baby isn't coming out of me."

But Angie says Dr. Backardjiev refused, saying:

"No, you don't want a C-section. You'll have a scar." During her delivery, the baby's heart rate kept going up. He said, "One more hour, one more hour." Her water broke, but it was 18 hours until the delivery. [Rachel] was running a 103 fever ... Five hours passed, then he came in and she started to push. But she was so worn out and the baby wasn't even in the birth canal.

Backardjiev tried to turn the baby with his hands, then started using the forceps. Angie says he even put a foot up for leverage. What happened next, according to Angie's telling, may be hard to read, just warning you.

He was turning and twisting and she would never come out. He put the forceps one way and the other. When he touched the top and side of the skull, we heard a pop, like clay cracking in pottery and heard her skull crush.

And after all that, Dr. Backardjiev finally delivered Olivia via C-section anyway. The family was told that the baby was born alive, but when they were transferred to a different hospital, they were told the baby had not been breathing when she was born, and that she had suffered skull fractures.

Keep in mind, we are only hearing the baby's family's side of the story. Dr. Backardjiev has not been speaking with the media about this birth. And he has not had his day in court.

But the story raises some alarming questions for expecting parents. What happens if your doctor wants to perform one procedure and you request a different one? What if the tables had been turned, and Rachel had requested forceps while her doctor recommended a C-section?  

The use of forceps has been in decline and the rate of C-sections has been rising. Doctors defend the use of forceps in certain circumstances and say they save lives. Was Dr. Backardjiev just not trained well enough?

Do you think the use of forceps for delivery should be outlawed?


Image via ABC News

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NatAndCo NatAndCo

I was not even aware it was still practiced in modern hospitals. Aren't we all told how delicate or baby's head is? The idea of putting forceps around and infants head to try and pull her out seems so backwards to me.

SaphireH SaphireH

I agree with you 100% Nat. It's bull that it even happened at all. This dr was a moron, screw his side because you know he's gonna hide and lie or not speak at all. The photos of the marks on her head and the description from the other hospitals dr of her having multiple skull fractures and a broken spine are proof enough for me to know it happened exactly how they say it did. Why in the hell do you as a dr still do something that stupid after knowing that baby is not coming out through the birth canal no matter what you do, and to have to put your foot on the bed to pull the kid out via forceps should click in your head this is a bad idea. Weren't there enough signs that a c section was needed as it was? It had to be done after the fact anyways so.... btw i've been to the fb page for her and there is no way in my mind this is made up for attention

nonmember avatar Shannon

I'd like to hear the doctor's side of this. If the baby wasn't even in the birth canal why would the Dr have her start pushing? After a labor like that and and developing a temp and the baby still isn't coming down he should have done the c-section.

Jenny Lesko

This literally made me cry.....they tried that with me when I was in labor and I said do a damn c-section...i did not care about a scar, I wanted my son to be alive and healthy.

Baile... Bailey8307

Couldn't read the whole thing.. It's absolutely heartbreaking what happened to this poor baby girl and her family. The use of forceps is incredibly barbaric.. I didn't realize it was used at all anymore! It should definitely be banned!

nonmember avatar denise

i had both of my sons naturally, with no issues, but i know now that if i ever do have another child i will strickly tell the hospital that i will not let them use forceps on my child. ever. this is such a sad sad thing, prayers for the family.

Gypsy... GypsyMa76

I can't stop crying for this baby & her family. This poor child died from Stupidity of the freakin doctor. My heart goes out to them ❤️

nonmember avatar Victoria

Forceps are such an antiquated option! I would clamp my legs closed if a doctor ever pulled them out! My father's oldies sister's was brain damaged due to a forceps delivery. I wouldn't give a rats ass about a scar if the choice is between forceps or c section. Hope this "doctor" loses his license and goes to jail. He butchered that baby, he needs to pay for it.

k8edid k8edid

My aunt, now in her 60s, is still suffering the effects of being delivered via forceps. She has several neurological problems, including something that knocks her equilibrium askew and eyesight that is barely there, that can be directly attributed to that. So even if it's a "successful" birth, there are so many ways for that to go wrong. (My grandmother was a nurse and in NO WAY would ever admit that a doctor did something wrong. She didn't even tell my aunt about it until she was in her 50s.)

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