More on 2014 Baby Name Trends -- Unique Is All the Rage

baby nameWhile you were busy nursing your hangover on New Year's Day, some women were nursing their not-even-a-day-old babies. And you know what that means -- a few hours prior, they named these tiny babies. And you know what that means. The 2014 baby name trends have already arrived. Wanna know what's hot and what's not in the world of baby naming this year? (If not, please stop reading.)

There are a few trends already picking up steam thus far in 2014 -- and if you'd like to learn all about them, head on over to Name Candy for the full list -- but the one that struck me most is that there are likely going to be lots of "Y"s and "En" sounds. According to research, two of the first babies born in 2014 were named Brooklyn -- one in Colorado and one in Maryland. There was a Naythyn in Oregon, and a Layla in Alaska. Gwineth, Brandon, Devin, Cameron, Watson (cute!), and Korbin were all New Year babies, as well.

Another possible baby name movement? Unusual names. And not Ace/Lincoln/Rainbow unusual. Like, really unusual. Only one name repeated itself on the list of 50 babies who were born on January 1, and it's no wonder -- these names are super unique. There was a Jacktavious; a McKenlee; a Dior; and a Prantison. And while unconventional names might not be everyone's cup of tea, there's no denying it surely will make for an interesting year.

I'm sure as the months go on, we'll get a better idea of the directions baby names are heading in, but for now, I'd say this is a pretty good start. Jacktavious? Why not?

How did you come up with your baby's name?


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Katie Amblod

i will be having my son anytime now and we are naming him Zander Chase to change up the spelling. we just liked it.

Kattey Kattey

For the love of sweet baby Jesus, people remember that you are naming 30 year olds. I love uncommon names. By uncommon, I mean real, legitimately spelled names that you don't see often. Perhaps names from other countries. They are real names that can set your child apart.

Smashing together letters to create a name, or butchering the spelling of a name so your child can be youneek are nono's. You think your baby is special, your child's boss sees this that name on an application and thinks "Low class, don't want them". Especially in an economy where people are having a hard time finding work, many employers will think of any reason to not hire someone. It hurts that while their name, once known, may be said correctly, they will forever be having to correct spelling and then people will be rolling their eyes thinking about that poor kid and their illiterate parents.

It's such a trend that in a world where almost everyone has a created or butchered name, those with legitimate names will stand out. Studies prove that names have a huge impact on a person's success.

You may not like it, and think that it's unfair, but that's how it is.

Kimbyann Kimbyann

Korbin? Ughhhh. Gross. I have a Corbin and am always asked if its with a k or has a y

Freela Freela

My nephew is a Corbin.  I think that one's cute.  My dh is south asian, and he wanted to choose south asian names, so we are not picking from the same pool as most others in our area.  They are kind of both traditional (in the sense that they are real names, conventionally spelled) and unique (depending on where they end up living.  Where we are, there are not a lot of them.  If they end up living somewhere with a high south asian population, two out of the three are actually very common.) 

Denise Fenwick

We named or second daughter valltoria a combination of vallarie and Victoria or youngest is Sarah Mianne my husband came up with that one i think its a small town in texas she was named after my grandmother Sarah ann as well as my mother who has Ann as her middle name but that was too common for me so added a little twist

magic... magicbarr

Our daughter was named after Adele. I loved her music before she became popular in the US. Once my husband and I agreed on it we wanted to pick an Irish middle name since,we're German/Irish. So Rieley it was. We changed the spelling a little but loved the way it sounded with Adele. Our daughter also ended up having the same initials as her daddy, and when and if we have another girl my husband wants Ava Rose to keep up with the same initials!

steph... steph0420

My boys are Rylan Edward and Brayden Matthew

Candida Woodard

I've got 2 boys. Thier names are Kasey Wayne Raydan Edwards & Zackariah Kandin Jarold Edwards. I picked 2 middle names so that later on they can choose what they want to be called and have a couple options. Kasey comes from DH's sister Cassie who died (it was the only "male" thing I could come up with) Wayne is DH's middle name & my brothers middle name, Raydan is a combination of my dad & my other brother (Ray & Daniel). Zackariah is after my nephew Zachary & I made it "religious" for my mamaw who passed right before he was born who was very religious, Kandin is the only male thing I could come up with to go with my name (Candida), Jarold is a combination of DH's first name (harold) and our friend Jerry.

so both of my kids have names with meanings to them, and werent just randomly picked.

nonmember avatar Ashleigh

My sons names is Seamus and my daughter is Tamsyn

nonmember avatar sandy

I named my son Daivon (day-vaughn) my fathers name was David but way too many David's under David in the baby name dictionary was Davon but I twerked it a little to my liking so his full name Daivon Anthony

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