Woman Credits Footsie PJs With Saving Baby's Life During Delivery

pregnant woman in pajamas

Plenty of moms have gone into labor in some pretty odd places -- but wait until you hear about a woman who gave birth in her pajamas ... like literally. Yes, I mean she pushed out the baby and he landed in one of the legs of her onesie pajamas ... not that she was simply wearing pjs when she gave birth.

I know, it's enough to make your head spin.

Jessica Wynter tried to make it to the hospital, but apparently her little guy just couldn't wait. (Kinda makes you think twice about your choice of nighttime attire during your third trimester ...)


Her mother explains, "I undid the zip of her onesie and there he was, tucked up safely in the garment’s leg. If she hadn’t had it on I dread to think what might have happened. It was really scary stuff."

So there you have it. This woman not only gave birth in her pants ... but doing so is probably what saved her son's life.

OMG. Can you even imagine being in labor in a pair of footsie pajamas? That had to be pretty darn uncomfortable, though I guess they more than served their purpose, to say the least. (And we thought going to the bathroom while wearing them was a challenge.)

Come to think of it ... it's tough not to wonder how in the heck she managed to find a pair of maternity footed pjs in the first place. Do they really make such a thing? Whoa.

And you gotta love the fact that she's decided to keep the jammies as a family keepsake -- now that they've been through the laundry, of course. Instead of driving her son past the hospital to show him where he was born, she can simply take the pjs out of her drawer and give him a glimpse right there at home. (Kind of funny ... but pretty cool at the same time, I guess.)

What have you been wearing to bed during your pregnancy?


Image via Ocean/Corbis

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