Giving Birth Isn’t As Scary As You Think

childbirthFrom what I recall, there are two kinds of pregnant women: The ones who feel like they can handle labor and delivery, and the ones who are completely, apeshit petrified over the whole idea of their cervix opening up like an alien mothership and then squeezing out something the size of a bowling ball through the most tender, most vulnerable part of their body. NO BIG DEAL, RIGHT?!? I'd like to speak to this second group. What you are about to experience is indeed intense, but here's what you need to remember: You can do this. You are strong enough to give birth to a baby.


Let's just get this out of the way quickly: Yes, a small percentage of you may have complications. It happens. But you're going to be surrounded by competent professionals who will know how to handle that.

The vast majority of you will not have complications. Why? Because even though it's painful and stretches your body to its utmost limits, childbirth is something our bodies are designed to do. You have all the equipment! There's a process to it that just happens. You can work with that process, or you can work against it. But that process is happening.

If you haven't already, you should educate yourself on the stages of labor and delivery. I think being prepared with knowledge helps make the whole experience a lot easier to handle. Well, maybe "easier" isn't exactly the right word in this case. Let's call it less difficult and intimidating.

The point is, you can do it. You're strong enough. Keep telling yourself that: You are strong enough. Because you are! You need to know this -- just in case no one has told you yet, I'm telling you now. You are strong enough to deliver a baby. When you have a quiet moment, sit there and feel your body's power. It's waiting to do its most amazing work yet. Respect that power and call upon it when you're ready. It'll be there.

Are you scared about labor and delivery? What are you doing to prepare yourself?


Image via KidStock/Blend Images/Corbis

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