Drinking During Pregnancy Has 1 Amazing Benefit

pregnant momsA new study from the University of Copenhagen has revealed that pregnant moms-to-be who drink up to a bottle of wine a month (a small amount by any stretch) actually have better behaved, more relaxed children than those who abstain throughout. So, bottoms up (on our five sip glasses of wine), right?

Well, not so fast.

As a mom who is three weeks away from delivering her third baby, I have heard A LOT of advice when it comes to pregnancy. What it always comes down to for me is that I will take the advice that makes the most sense for the best possible outcome for my baby. In my case, that means no drinking. I can abstain nine months. I'll be OK. Of course, now I may live to regret that.


My two children are wonderful, sweet, and bright, but oh man are they a handful. Might they have been better behaved if I had a drink or two? Let's review.

It seems the study may be a bit skewed. The others who drank were ALSO the most well educated and healthiest living of the mothers in the study. And these things may have contributed to the results more than anything else. Makes sense, right?

As both my husband and I are well educated and live pretty healthy lifestyles, my decision not to drink alcohol in this or my other two pregnancies is probably not going to lead to behavioral issues. On the other hand, my coffee drinking? Anecdotally, I believe it might have the opposite effect.

I gave up caffeine in my first pregnancy, but when I turned up preggo again just nine months later, I kept right on drinking my daily cup. There was NO way I was giving it up. Now, guess which kid is better behaved?

I am no scientist, but you'd better believe I gave up caffeine for my third pregnancy!

All of this may seem funny and more than a little silly, but the reality is, we all have to make the choices that feel safest and smartest for our own pregnancies. I can't give medical advice and you can find a million studies supporting whatever your beliefs happen to be. So, make the decisions you think are best for you and your growing baby. That way, you really can't go wrong.

Did you drink during pregnancy?


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