Beyonce's Weight at 9 Months Pregnant Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind


Get. Outta. Town. It wasn't any big secret that she put on a decent amount of weight during her pregnancy -- but after hearing Beyonce admit how much she weighed before giving birth to Blue Ivy, two things happened.

First, my jaw dropped to the floor -- because she's a celeb and we all know celebs weigh, like, 120 pounds (if that much) during their last trimester. And second, I gained some new found respect for her for putting the number out there and making the rest of us feel a lot more normal.

Ready to hear what the scale said?


According to Bey, she weighed in at 195 pounds. Yep. Nearly 200. Are you believing this?

As someone who tipped the scales at around 180 right before delivering, I know how tough it can be to see a number like that staring back at you when you're used to being in the lower 100s.

And even though Beyonce has obviously shed every last ounce of the 65 pounds she gained with Blue Ivy -- putting her at a healthy 130 -- it still took a lot of guts for her to admit just how high she went during her pregnancy.

If nothing else, this should make the rest of us cut ourselves some slack when it comes to baby weight -- and not let the number on the scale make us feel like we're permanently screwing up our bodies.

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Beyonce is living proof that with a little hard work and dedication, you can bounce back to your pre-baby self -- though I'm sure her lifestyle comes with plenty of luxuries that make attaining that goal much easier. (Think nannies, trainers, chefs, full nights of sleep, and a whole lot of extra time to do nothing but work on her bod.)

Bottom line -- don't be too hard on yourself when the doc asks you to step on the dreaded scale at every single checkup. If Beyonce isn't ashamed of her pregnancy weight, none of us should be either.

Has the number on the scale bothered you during your pregnancy?


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