Couple's Graduation Video Shocks Family With Even Bigger News (WATCH)

sam and jennika andersonAs if there weren't already a bazillion cool ways to announce your pregnancy to loved ones, the holiday season and other special occasions make for pretty awesome opportunities, as well. Married couple Jennika and Sam Anderson seem to be fully aware of that and managed to use their upcoming May 2014 graduation from Utah State University to surprise their family with even more joyful news.

Sam told HuffPost Parents, "We have some nieces and nephews and we wanted to do a video call on Google Plus [to] watch our 'graduation' video with them and our siblings" over Thanksgiving break. But as it turned out the married couple's so-called graduation video was really more about announcing another major milestone -- due in June!

Check it out, and note, you may need some tissue nearby, cuz it may cause a happy sniffle or two!


Awww, they are so sweet! No wonder their family's reaction was a Sam described ...

The buildup was such that they didn't expect it. Soon, we were laughing, jumping, screaming, and crying tears of joy in their kitchen.

Love it! What a well-deserved, over-the-moon reaction to a perfectly tricky way to announce they're expecting! Not to mention a "good keepsake and memory to hold onto" for the rest of their lives, as Sam notes.

Jennika and Sam look like they couldn't be any prouder or happier to be on their way to parenthood! Congrats to the Andersons!

How did you announce your pregnancy to your family?


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