2013's 'Most Extraordinary Baby Names' List Will Blow Your Mind

baby namesI love an unusual baby name. So much so that I gave one to my own child. My school-aged years were spent in a sea of Michaels and Jennifers (and Nicoles), and I always knew that when I was to have a child of my own, I was going to give him or her something unconventional. So I did. And it's working out great.

But still. Even I, a lover of "weird" names (Rainbow Aurora? Bring it on!), think there's a line. It's a blurry line, but a line no less. And a name like Puppy is ... well, pretty out there. But it's one of the many super strange names on Bounty.com's 2013's Most Extraordinary Baby Names list. There are some really sweet names on this list but also some doozies.

Is your baby's name on the list? (Hint: Doubtful.)


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Here are 2013's Most Extraordinary Boy Baby Names:

1. Tiger

2. Victory

3. Tucker

4. Tory

5. Prosper

6. Porter

7. Perseus

8. Luck

9. Kassius

10. London

11. Lohan

12. Geordie

13. Gerrard

14. Dallas

15. Dior

16. Boden

17. Denley

18. Bramwell

19. Denton

20. Drey

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Here are 2013's Most Extraordinary Girl Baby Names:

1. Zelie

2. Tea

3. Rosielee

4. Vogue

5. Summer-ray

6. Sunny

7. Tru

8. Sorrel

9. Pinky

10. Ream

11. Pheonix (this is how it's spelled on the list -- not sure if it's a typo)

12. Olympia

13. Nolly

14. Orchid

15. Puppy

16. Purdy

17. Pepsi

18. Paradise

19. Peppa

20. Nirvana

There are some cute ones in there -- London, Sunny, Porter, Zelie. But also, there are some of the most unusual names I've ever heard -- Pepsi? Really?

Without question, these are some of the most extraordinary baby names of this past year (read: some of the weirdest), but just because many of them aren't my cup of tea doesn't mean they don't work for the people they're given to. I'm sure there will come a time in little Vogue's life when her friends and coworkers simply can't imagine her as anything else. And when you think about it that way, it's kinda cool.

Does your child have an unusual name? What do you think of these names?


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