Have You Committed a Pregnancy Sin?


smoking drinking pregnancyYou know what's on the list -- smoking, drinking, drugs. An Anonymous mom asked other moms-to-be in Pregnancy about smoking while pregnant -- and a number of women said they had smoked cigarettes or pot, or knew others who had. Have you?

The woman in Pregnancy wondered, for the moms who had committed a pregnancy no-no, if their babies were OK. Responses were mixed. Some moms said they smoked or drank (a little or a lot) and the baby was fine; other moms said they knew of women who smoked, drank, or took drugs throughout pregnancy and the babies born to them had health or developmental problems.

And FYI, my friend Cafe Suzanne just wrote about new research that says babies exposed to cigarette smoke in utero are more irritable and difficult to soothe.

What about you? Have you smoked cigarettes or pot, or had any alcohol while pregnant?

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bensm... bensmom22

Oh my Lord, of course not.

Amand... Amandah1982

i smoke cigarettes the first 5 weeks... and I hadda drink..but thats cause I had no suspicions that I was pregnant.. after finding out? I immediately stopped. :p

joyfu... joyfullem

Yeah I had a night out of drinking when my hubby first went to Iraq I found out I was pregnant shortly after and never did it again however my DD is health and adorable

mom-x-2 mom-x-2

YUP... not proud of it, but my babies are fine!

Avarah Avarah

No. The most grievous pregnancy sin I committed was eating at Schlotszky's a billion times.

Timef... TimeforKids

With my first I smoked until I was 4 weeks, didn't know that I was preggo. The day I found out I stoped. My oldest is fine. With my youngest we planned him so the biggest sin was hot tea every now and then. He has a speech delay but is physically VERY healthy.

1stti... 1sttimemommy198

No I have not done either of those things...not knowing I was pregnant...I never smoked either ciggs or pot while pregnant...I just don't smoke...I don't really drink either so none of that was ever a problem...

amber... amber_1024

Yes I did smoke while being pregnant... And NO my daughter is the happiest and healthiest baby you've seen...  When she was born she was such a content baby..

Don't bash because i don't want to hear it... and NO i don't smoke around my daughter now that she's here....

Mamma... MammaMia72

I quit smoking when I found out I was pg. Luckily, there is no blood exchange bt you and baby before 6 weeks so she never even got a whiff. I just couldn't smoke while being pregnant. I always imagine my baby coughing and frowning.

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