Have You Committed a Pregnancy Sin?

smoking drinking pregnancyYou know what's on the list -- smoking, drinking, drugs. An Anonymous mom asked other moms-to-be in Pregnancy about smoking while pregnant -- and a number of women said they had smoked cigarettes or pot, or knew others who had. Have you?


The woman in Pregnancy wondered, for the moms who had committed a pregnancy no-no, if their babies were OK. Responses were mixed. Some moms said they smoked or drank (a little or a lot) and the baby was fine; other moms said they knew of women who smoked, drank, or took drugs throughout pregnancy and the babies born to them had health or developmental problems.

And FYI, my friend Cafe Suzanne just wrote about new research that says babies exposed to cigarette smoke in utero are more irritable and difficult to soothe.

What about you? Have you smoked cigarettes or pot, or had any alcohol while pregnant?

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