Mom Who Died During Childbirth Has an Important Message to Share (VIDEO)


Stephanie Arnold

A mom named Stephanie Arnold is counting her blessings this holiday season after dying while delivering her son and living to tell about it. When she gave birth to baby Jacob last May, Stephanie coded on the table for 37 seconds -- and she showed no vital signs.

It turns out she had suffered an Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE), which is a condition where fetal material or amniotic fluid enters a mother's blood stream, triggering a horrible reaction. Having an AFE is so rare that Stephanie's OB-GYN had never even seen it happen before -- she'd only read about it.

And 40 percent of women who have it happen do not survive. But after spending six days in a coma and weeks in the hospital after her ordeal, Stephanie is healthy and doesn't take one moment of holding her baby in her arms for granted. But you know what makes her story even more amazing? She had a gut feeling that she was going to die while expecting Jacob.

Check out this video to hear more about her "premonition" that something was wrong -- and how it just might have saved her life.


Whoa! Pretty amazing. Isn't it eerie how she knew something was wrong -- to the point where she was convinced she was going to die? She could have so easily assumed that she was feeling that way because of pregnancy hormones, but it's like she had this innate sensation that if she didn't talk to her anesthesiologist, it would be a matter of life and death.

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Again ... the chances of pregnant women having an AFE is extremely rare, so this isn't anything to be alarmed or worried about. But if nothing else, Stephanie's story serves as such an important reminder to trust your instincts and not be afraid to speak up and say something if you just don't feel "quite right." It's better to sound paranoid than to have something terrible happen ... bottom line.

Have you had any strange gut feelings about anything during your pregnancy?


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prist... pristine729

The only "predictions" I had was I knew it was a boy and I knew I would have him in a snowstorm. Lol

Jlo01 Jlo01

I am so happy that this mom was able to survive such a scary experience. I wish her and her beautiful baby boy & family nothing but happy and wonderful memories for the future .

Kathleen Hanson

In the middle of my fifth month, I called my doctor and told her I just didn't feel right. She had me go to the hospital and they hooked me up to a fetal monitor. The doctor was just about to send me home when the nurse grabbed her arm and just said 'Look'. I was in labor and couldn't feel it yet. Had I stayed home, the doc said I may well have delivered at home four months early. I was hospitalized on bed rest and was induced a month early. Every day I am so glad that I paid attention to my body that day.   I am glad that this mom and baby are doing well. I love a happy ending.

RoseFan1 RoseFan1

only thing I had a "premonition" about was having gestational diabetes. it happened like the 3rd week of my pregnancy and I was at work. needless to say I started feeling off, just starting with mood changes and just a horrible feeling in my head whenever I would get the slightest bit hungry, talked to the docter and my blood sugar was WAY off and I required a lot medication throughout my pregnancy :/

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