10 Wildest Birth Stories of 2013

babyToday in Amazing Birth Stories, a woman gave birth in her sweatpants on the highway. Not just while she was wearing sweatpants. The baby literally came out of the birth canal and slid down one of Mama's sweatpant legs. Seriously, dear readers, we come across a story about women giving birth in strange places and/or under outrageous circumstances practically every day. You'd almost think no one is giving birth in a dang hospital anymore. So just for fun we thought we'd present to you our top 10 favorite birth stories of 2013. Do you remember these?

 Do you remember any other surprising birth stories this year?



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japan... japanmommy

Interesting article, just wanted to say that the cutoff for flying is normally 36 weeks for international travel.

dixie... dixiemama25

correct me if i am wrong but quads are for babies born of the same pregnancy right. i still do not get the "they are not quads because they did not come from the same egg." well by that thinking a majority  twins are not twins because they did not come from the same egg

nonmember avatar BeckyC

Can I just say, 13 lbs 2 oz is NOT "nearly 14 lbs." It's barely over 13 lbs. You don't round up unless the remainder is over halfway.

antfa... antfarmer101

If you are bleeding while you are pregnant, it is NOT YOUR PERIOD!!!! You cannot be pregnant and have a period. Can not! grrr

antfa... antfarmer101

Dixiemama25... You are correct. The woman had quadruplets... a set of identical triplets and a single fraternal quad.


Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I think the most amazing birth of 2013 was the 10lb 4oz baby born just before lunch after five hours of labor and four pushes. But that was my baby so I may be just a little biased.

wulfe... wulfeyes05

My GG had her period her entire first pregnancy, so yeah it can happen

Rache... Rachel1786

Hospital tried to tell me I wasn't in labor, apparently I didn't appear to be in enough pain. They said they would check me "just in case" I was 9cm! Had my son less then an hour later

lmh84 lmh84

You can have a period while being pregnant... My aunt actually conceived two different times during one pregnancy. One baby was considered a month premature while the other was considered full term.

Felip... FelipesMom

The person who took the picture of the lady giving birth on the lawn outside the hospital was widely responsible for the attention this case received and ultimately for the fact that the director of the clinic was suspended. According to the mayor of the town, this wasn't the first time someone had been turned away only to give birth on the lawn. If the picture hadn't been published all over the place, it is likley nothing would have been done. 

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