Research Shows More Virgins Give Birth Than You Would Think

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pregnant bellySomehow I'm guessing there are a lot of more important medical subjects out there to study -- but researchers at the University of North Carolina have found that some women claim to have had virgin births.

Yes ... virgin births. As in getting preggo and delivering a child without ever having sex with a man. (Yes, like the Virgin Mary did.)

Half of 1 percent of the women interviewed for the study actually reported this happening. And while we can't place too much weight on the results of the study simply because these people are only claiming that they had a virgin birth (there's no physical proof) -- you gotta wonder if some or all of them just might be telling the truth. (It's possible ... right?)

Believe it or not, other than what the Bible tells us, there is such a thing as virgin birth. It's known as parthenogenesis -- but it's only been documented in creatures like snakes, sharks, and Komodo dragons.

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But let's go ahead and assume that even ONE of these women actually had a virgin birth, making it entirely possible in humans. OMG. Now moms like me who are 100 percent sure they are done having kids have one more darn thing to worry about when it comes to birth control. We're screwed. (Well, not literally, I guess.)

Here we thought we were so clever in taking all of the proper precautions to make sure our last baby is really our last baby -- and all along there's potentially been a chance that we can impregnate ourselves. Why should we even bother stressing about birth control methods anymore?

What's the point of popping a tiny little pill every day, having our tubes tied, or abstaining from sex altogether because we simply can't deal with another pregnancy? If there's the slightest sliver of a chance that we can knock ourselves up -- we might as well just throw caution to the wind and maintain a "whatever will be will be" philosophy.

Yes, I'm kidding. No, really. Sort of. Maybe I'm not? All I know is if scientists ever do manage to find indisputable evidence of a modern day virgin birth -- some of us are going to have to have a serious chat with our reproductive organs.

Do you think virgin birth is real?


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nonmember avatar Christina

IVF Lesbians. That's probably a big chunk right there.

nonmember avatar Victoria

TThere's a difference between virgin birth and emaculate conception or self impregnation. Virgin birth could happen if a female and male are fooling around but not having sex and the guy comes anywhere near her vagina. The sperm can swim into the vagina and eventually reach the egg, even though there's no penetration. It's rare, but can happen. But it means it's not emaculate conception or self impregnation.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

It's possible to get pregnant without having sex, but it is not possible to get pregnant without involving sperm somehow.

nonmember avatar anon

What a bunch of baloney, not unlike the story about the virgin birth 2000 years ago. Some people are so gullible.

nonmember avatar bette

And if you believe that, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you...

wohth... wohthereturbo

There is ivf people.

The dictionary defines virginity as being lost once the penis enters the vagina.

So if a woman never has sex and ivf doesnt destroy the hymen it is possible, we have the science people.

Sarah... SarahHall58

This study isn't talking about IVF. This is so dumb. It's called THESE WOMEN ARE LYING

Happy... Happydad73

This is stupid and so is any woman claiming to be a virgin and being pregnant. These are women who want attention or 15 min of fame or don't want to face up to what they did. Ridiculous.

Emi M Brown

in north Carolina they actually offer you money to carry baby's, so this does sound possible, given that, hey....stop claiming your the virgin mary,cause your not. when we were stationed there, and my husband was getting out he joked to use the money to "survive" well i hadnt gotten pregnant with our 1st child, so let alone someone else s.

Regin... ReginaStar

If there was a such thing as a virgin birth. I think it would have already been discovered just as obviously it has been in those other species. 

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