Woman Miscarries 10 Times in 1 Agonizing Night

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It's bad enough to miscarry one child, but imagine miscarrying 10 babies -- all in one night. A woman in India has apparently set some kind of tragic record by miscarrying 10 babies in one night. The woman, a 28-year-old who had conceived 10 babies after in vitro fertilization, lost them all at 12 weeks. And the sad thing is that some of the babies probably could have been saved.

Reports say that the mother, Anju Kushwaha, miscarried nine of the babies at home and the tenth one in the hospital. A doctor told The Times of India that it appeared that there was no medical followup to the woman's conception, and that if she had reduced the pregnancy, at least three of the babies could have survived.

Of course, there are women who are famous for having successful multiple births -- including Nadya "Octomom" Suleman and Kate Gosselin. But even they didn't give birth to 10 babies at one time. This is an extremely dangerous endeavor, and I'm not sure why the woman attempted it.

That said, it must have been terrible to lose all of them at once like that. Not only the emotional pain, but the physical. Miscarriages are no fun. Even one can hurt like hell, let alone 10! I can't imagine!

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Doctors will need to check her thoroughly afterward to make sure that she expelled all of the fetuses too. She wouldn't want to end up with a stone fetus! There are all kinds of complications that can ensue when a woman's body doesn't expel everything.

Certainly this woman will have a lot of mourning to do as well. I hope if she tries IVF again, this time she is willing to reduce the pregnancy to a viable number.

Would you reduce a multiple birth? Have you had a miscarriage?


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nonmember avatar Addy

Why do you keep using the term "reduce"? .. I believe what you are referring to is abortion, or rather MURDER. If you are brave enough to condone it be brave enough to call it what it is!

Freela Freela

Any doctor implanting enough embryos to result in 10 pregnancies is shoddy in terms of ethics, and not doing any followup after an IVF procedure is irresponsible at best and criminally liable at worst.  My heart goes out to the mom.  The doctor needs a wakeup call, and although I'm not one who wants to sue for everything, some legal action for malpractice might be in order here.

Freela Freela

Just to add to the author, a lithodepian ("stone baby") is not the outcome of a pregnancy loss where not all the tissue is expelled.  It is a very rare situation resulting from an extrauterine/ectopic pregnancy.  Just wanted to correct that misinformation.

.Bad.... .Bad.Wolf.

If I had ever had to do in vitro, I'm not sure I'd be able to pick which of my children got to live. I feel for her, but she shouldn't have attempted so many at once. Humans aren't made to carry litters like some animals. The more babies there are, the more dangerous for both the mother and her babies. If I had to get the procedure done, I'd let the Doctor implant 2...maybe 3 embryos & hope like hell at least one of them made it. This is a heartbreaking story though, I hope she is able to overcome this & try again.

work4... work4mickey

Addy, while I agree that the term is abortion, I do not agree that it is necessarily murder. If there was a concensus on that, the abortion issue would be solved. Many people do not consider fetuses to be babies, or full fledged humans yet. Thus, they don't consider it murder. In this instance, I hardly see how your approach is morally superior. "You can't save them all, so let them all die."

Austi... Austinsmommy12

How can you have much sympathy for someone so incredibly stupid? She showed incredibly poor judgement to begin with. Nobody in this day and age is so sheltered to not know that what they did was wrong. It was the doctor's fault as much as her, but she willingly did the procedure. She brought the entire mess on herself with that many embryos and no follow up care. IVF is a great tool when used correctly, for people not seeking the glory of a high-number multiple birth. My 2nd cousin fully expected two or three embryos to implant when she went through IVF. In fact, the whole 5 "took" and she's now the mother of 14 year old quintuplets. She almost died, and so did all 5 babies. Two have cerebral palsy, and one's growth is severely stunted. Faced with "reduction" her opinion was that it's murder. But you shouldn't have to face it at all. Implant two or three, and stop trying to gain fame and fortune by having ten babies at once.

sterl... sterling21

I think there is too much medical evidence that shows implanting more than is humanly possible is malpractice. Mabey she did not realize she was carrying 10? But investing that much money and not asking questions or even following up? Either way she does not sound responsible enough to have ivf, and the doctor should be removed.

nonmember avatar Molly

Abby you must really have something wrong with you, do you realize that it probably would have killed that woman AND her babies if she had attempted to have ten children. It is people like you that are constantly risking women's reproductive rights, as a woman you should be ASHAMED

aimers6 aimers6

I had ten losses all at separate times. That poor woman. I'm sure she is devastated.

nonmember avatar mel

Sometimes ivf can have cells split. Resulting in identical twin. Don't be too quick to judge. Both had enormous decisions to make and responsibilities to endure

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