What a Non-Celebrity's Postpartum Tummy Looks Like After Having Twins (PHOTOS)

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There is rarely a day that goes by when we aren't bombarded with images of celebrities, models, or even fitness bloggers who gave birth three seconds ago and have already dropped all the weight and wiped out all evidence of stretch marks. Look, some women have secret tummy tucks and others are purely and truly genetically predispositioned to lose the weight quickly -- I don't feel there's anything wrong with their enviable selfies.

But lest we forget that a great many women -- most, I'm going to say -- aren't going to have washboard abs one month postpartum, this amazing and brave blogger and mom of three is here to remind us that we shouldn't be ashamed of our real postpartum bodies. And she's willing to prove it by sharing photos of her own body 11 months after giving birth to twins. 

Shannon, who also has a toddler, created her Game of Diapers blog when she was on maternity leave with her twins. She's since posted several photos of herself because she says she understands how easy it is to feel "fat" and become depressed after giving birth. She feels we need to cut ourselves some slack and wants other moms to know they're not going through it alone. "As odd as my belly looks now, I love it because it was the home of my babies, and I wouldn't change it," Shannon says.

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Shannon gained 52 pounds with her twins. But she learned from the mistake she made after giving birth to her first child, when she killed herself trying to lose weight quickly. By simply eating well, walking, and breastfeeding, she says she lost her baby weight the second time around in more or less the same timeframe -- AND saved herself all of that added stress.

Here are photos of Shannon, including shots of her tummy:

Kudos to Shannon for sharing her photos! She's an inspiration to all new moms. 

Do you feel these photos accurately reflect what many women look like after giving birth?


Images via Game of Diapers

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Lisa M Johnson

I think she looks great!!

kelry23 kelry23

Ok, yes she looks great. But, I really hate all the bashing of women and how their bodies look post partum. Not all of us get excess skin, or stretch marks, or gain a lot of weight. Does that make us less of a good mother? I gained 23lbs while pregnant, no stretch marks or loose skin, and was down 37lbs 2 days after I had my son, and with breastfeeding I lost an additional 20lbs and I am in better shape then I was before I ever got pregnant. We all have different bodies and heal differently, lose weight or gain weight differently. 

nonmember avatar blue

Oh my...

Katha... Katharine205

Mine looks a lot like that an I only had one - but lots and lots of ice cream and cannoli ;)  I lost all of my baby weight a few months later, not because I was killing myself exercising and dieting but because I tend to be naturally thinner and I was walking a lot and nursing.  My belly still looks stretched out and has horrendous stretch marks but I still wear a 2 piece to the beach, not because I want to flaunt my belly but because I like a 2 piece better and if it makes another mom feel better about her body to look at what happened to mine, so be it. 

Choco... Chocodoxies

Kelry, that was the worst "humble brag" ever. 

Gypsy... GypsyRoseBud

I think we all rock! Lets all have more babies ♥ go mama's!

ToniRae Lischak

You are still beautiful as ever! Keep your head up and now u got 2 beautiful twins to care for. I know the feeling though coming from a mother who has 4 kids.

nonmember avatar Joyce

That's exactly how I look. My first was over 10 lbs. (I only gained 35 lbs.) not much you can do with that.

the4m... the4mutts

I dont think that there IS any accurate representation of a post baby body. We're all different.

My stomach never looked like that, even after 4 children. But it was bad. It was a saggy kangaroo pouch. I got a tummy tuck after my last child.

Everybody is different, and we need to stop looking to celebs or other popular people for our self assurance. We need to look at ourselves, and just be the best person we can be, physically and mentally.

chama... chamamahaha

My belly went back to normal to. I dont have that weird wrinkly stretched look

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