21 Baby Names Inspired by Spices

baby namesIn case you haven't heard, spicy baby names are where it's at in 2014. Well, that's one of the baby name trends for next year, and don't you be on trend? Or, quite possibly, avoid the trends?

Unconventional baby names definitely aren't for everyone -- hence, their unconventionality. But if you're thinking about naming your baby something different, check out these 21 spice-inspired baby names. Not to get all pun-ny on you, but ... they're hot!


1. Poppy: Has become SUPER popular in the past few years

2. Saffron: As in Saffron Burrows

3. Sage: Would be pretty as a middle name

4. Rosemary: Fairly "normal"

5. Bay: Would be adorable for a little boy

6. Juniper: As in berries

7. Cassia: LOVE this name for a boy or a girl

8. Cinnamon: Fine, sounds a bit like a kitten's name, but still super sweet!

9. Amandine: Gorgeous name for a girl

10. Clove: Cool, hip boy name

11. Fennel: Not for everyone, but definitely unique

12. Anise: Similar spice to fennel

13. Cayenne: Again, would be a sweet middle name

14. Yarrow:  A rare herb used for healing, but also has the nickname "devil's nettle." Might want to stick with something less ... scary.

15. Lavender: Pretty alternative to the popular Violet

16. Basil: Fairly common British boy's name

17. Ajowan: A seed and a spice used in Indian cooking

18. Ginger:  Always sweet for a girl

19. Marjoram: Kinda like Marjorie

20. Caraway: Hard not to think of The Great Gatsby, but super cute

21. Pepper: Always adorable

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Would you ever give your baby a "spicy" name?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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