Jenelle Evans Confirms Pregnancy She's Wanted Since She Met Nathan Griffith

jenelle evansAhhh! Yesterday there were loads of rumblings that Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans may be pregnant with baby #2, and it's now official: Jenelle Evans has confirmed she's pregnant! Already mom to 4-year-old Jace, Evans spoke exclusively with MTV, saying that she's expecting with boyfriend Nathan Griffith and they are super excited.

For those of you following along at home, Griffith and Evans met back in June on a dating app (oh, how romantic) and he has a 2-year-old daughter of his own named Emery from a previous relationship.

The kicker, though? The duo has been trying to have a baby together since early on in their relationship. As in, they knew soon after they met that they wanted to have a baby.


I mean ... that's definitely not the kind of woman I am. Having a baby isn't like deciding to have sushi for dinner at night instead of pizza. It's not just like deciding that you WANT to be in a relationship. Having a baby is a major life decision that stays with you forever and changes everything. As a mom, there's really no more alone time; someone always comes before you (or they should). The thought that two people could know right off the bat, soon after meeting each other, that they want to share that major life responsibility together? Well, that's a big deal. A really big deal.

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However, Jenelle and Nathan both had kids before they met each other. They both know what it's like to be a parent (note: neither has guardianship over their kiddos, their parents do). Maybe this time around, they want to do things better, they want to do things right, and that's how they knew they wanted to take on being parents together. Maybe it's that passion that makes them believe this time WILL be different.

Congrats to Jenelle and Nathan on the fabulous news, I really do pray it's different. Here's hoping that she does mean it when she says "she's changed."

Are you excited for Jenelle?


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