Rachel Zoe Wears Stiletto Boots While 9 Months Pregnant -- Is She Nuts? (PHOTO)

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Rachel ZoeI guess this really shouldn't be all that shocking considering who she is -- but something about seeing Rachel Zoe wear sky-high heeled boots in her ninth month of pregnancy still has a bit of a "holy cow" factor.

She was spotted out in the stilettos in West Hollywood on Tuesday -- and thank God she was seen grabbing onto her husband Rodger's arm; otherwise, she probably would've toppled right over.

I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to get over women who wear super-high heels during their pregnancy at all -- let alone in their final weeks!

I know Rachel is a bit of a fashionista and all -- but isn't she at all concerned about falling in those things and possibly harming her baby?

I don't care how much of a pro you are at walking in heels. Carrying extra weight up front is enough to make even the most highly skilled heel walker trip and land on the ground.

When I was in my ninth month, I could barely squeeze my swollen feet into a pair of slippers, so heels weren't something I even considered putting on. But even if I hadn't had cankles at that point -- there's no way I would've jeopardized my safety or my baby's simply for the sake of looking like the stylish pregnant chick.

And we all know that's exactly what's going on here. She's not thinking about anything other than looking trendy and keeping up with her reputation. Again -- not really a huge surprise for a celebrity mom, but still. At this point in pregnancy, you need to put comfort and safety before fashion no matter who you are.

Have you given up your heels yet? When do you plan on doing so?


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nonmember avatar Victoria

Way to judge! I know a lot of women who still wore heels while pregnant, even in their 9th month. She did it with Skylar too. She wears heels every day, doesn't like not wearing them. She's comfortable with them. People need to stop judging other women on their pregnancies! You're too think, you're too fat, you lost the weight too fast, you're not losing fast enough, now you're wearing the wrong shoes! Are you kidding me! Insane.

MissF... MissFrenchie

Omg. Give it a rest. I am so tired of reading these judgmental, bitchy articles about how "selfish" a woman is for whatever the stir writers have decided the sin-of-the-day is. Stupid me, I keep clicking on the articles expecting a tongue in cheek "uggh I don't know how she managed to squeeze her prego swollen feet into those adorable boots". Wearing heels is NOT irresponsible or selfish. If you're going to judge her for that then why not judge any pregnant woman who walks down a flight of stairs (she could fall there too) or gets in a car (there could be a car accident), or does anything but wrap themselves in bubble wrap for 9 months and hides. Oh no, I forgot, that would be selfish too because she would be sitting around gaining too much weight and not being active or healthy enough for her baby. Once again, GIVE IT A REST!! Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without judgy women gossiping about every damn thing you do.

Pamela Kay Stogsdill

i love RZ - my crocs on my swollen feet almost killed me in my eighth months so no shoe is safer than others. get over yourself.

nonmember avatar M

Judgey much?

Rami Kay

Someone is spending a little too much time worrying about other people rather than themself. 

ktbona ktbona

What a total nonstory.

I taught dance right up to the day before I delivered all 4 of my babies... good thing the paparazzi didn't get a shot of me 9 months pregnant with tap shoes on... oh, the horrible things that would be said about me and my lack of common sense for risking my baby all in the name of dance.

Sonjamilitarymom Norman

if they are comfy for her, so what? people are entitled to wear what they want while pregnant, just because you don't like it means squat. And I am directing my comments to the writer of this article. Who cares.

nonmember avatar B

Don't know why I keep clicking on the stir "articles" when it is just a bunch of busy bodies looking for tits on an ant. Why cant we empower women, setting a good example for our children? I wore heels often while I was enormously pregnant. My legs looked hot, I was all belly, and I was embracing womanhood. Also, hubs thought it was sexy and feeling that kind of power helped me deal with the 45 extra lbs, a million trips a night to the bathroom, and the dragon's breath fire of heartburn raging away.

I felt like superwoman and beyond being able to rock out some heels while building a human being from scratch. I used to think playing the judgy, ultra-mom game was fun at one point too but it was exhausting and turned me into an ugly person. Now I choose to praise women for doing what it best for them and their families. RZ is a celebrity stylist, it is her job to go out looking put together and representing her own style. I'm sure if she had gone out in yoga pants, a messy bun, and tennies you would have wrote the same tone of article.

nonmember avatar Shelby

I couldn't have done it when I was that pregnant! I was the so clumsy!

This is her business though.

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