Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant Because She Was Such a Good Mom the First Time

jenelle evansAre you sitting down? We have epic Teen Mom news. You know how we've been wondering if Jenelle Evans is pregnant -- what with the weight gain and everything? Well, she is. Multiple sources tell In Touch that Jenelle Evans is indeed pregnant -- she's expecting her second child, and Nathan Griffith is the father.

Oh. My. God. You guys. I just ... I need a moment. WHAT IN SAM HELL IS THAT GIRL THINKING?!?

Deep breath. 'Mkay, I'm going to be professional about this and give you a few quotes from her friends explaining how Jenelle is feeling about being an unwed teen mom for the second time.


One of the insiders says Jenelle has only told her close friends and family. She's been keeping her pregnancy a secret out of fear for the backlash. "Jenelle is obviously going to go through with the pregnancy, but is scared of all the backlash from haters who still judge her for not having custody of her son, Jace," the source says. Oh by the way, Nathan is also the father to a child he does not have custody of, a 2-year-old daughter named Emery.

Jenelle may have waited to share the news because of what happened with her last pregnancy in January -- and the sad miscarriage that followed.

The source continues, "Nathan and Jenelle will be able to have a kid they are legally allowed to take care of. Jenelle might have a second chance at being a mom." That doesn't even make sense. She still has a chance at being a mom for her FIRST child, Jace! If she and Nathan can't manage the kids they've already brought into the world, what makes them think bringing in a third is such a hot idea?

Why, Jenelle, why????

Oh my God, people. Finish what you've started. You already made two kids. Why not try parenting them first before starting from scratch with a new kid? I get that Jenelle and Nathan have struggled with substance abuse and other problems, and I'm so happy for them for making their relationship work (for all of five minutes) and cleaning up. Really, I am. But let's hold the pattern there for a while before piling on some new, HUMAN challenges.

Okay, rant over. I think I need some ice and a nap. Good luck, you two. Oy vey. You're gonna need it. I guess now that I've had my rant, it's time to be supportive and hope for the best. At any rate, this does explain why Jenelle wasn't worried about her recent weight gain.

How do you feel about Jenelle Evans' second pregnancy?


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