15 Lies Every Pregnant Woman Tells Herself

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pregnancyPregnancy is such a magical and wonderful time in a woman's life -- but it's pretty safe to say that some aspects of it are definitely easier than others. Every mom-to-be has good days and bad days and everything in between -- including those instances where you do whatever you have to just to make it through the day without having an emotional meltdown.

Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about, right? Those times when you try and convince yourself that everything is hunky-dory even though you know very well you're feeling the complete opposite?

On that note, here are 15 lies pregnant women tell themselves in an effort to make the darker side of those nine months more bearable.

  1. "This isn't morning sickness. Nope. No way. It's the shrimp I ate for dinner last night. Gotta be."
  2. "These pants still fit -- there's no need for maternity wear yet. It's probably just a little water weight."
  3. "I'm still hot as hell. Pregnancy is like ... the sexiest time in a woman's life. For sure."
  4. "I don't miss my wine. Actually, I'm enjoying the booze break. I probably won't even go back to drinking vino after the baby arrives."
  5. "I'm not tired at all -- and I'm SO going out on Saturday night."
  6. "Other pregnant chicks gain 10 pounds in a two-week period. I'm sure of it."
  7. "No one noticed that I accidentally just farted. And even if they did, who cares? They won't mind because I'm pregnant."
  8. "Flip-flops are totally in style in January. Even though it's 20 degrees outside."
  9. "I'm really not showing much at all."
  10. "The baby wants this second cheeseburger ... not me."
  11. "Look at that! I'm all baby. Haven't gained a pound anywhere else."
  12. "This is the one time in my life where I don't have to worry about my weight."
  13. "I can snap at my husband as much as I want right now. Hey, I'm the one carrying the kid, so he won't hold what I say against me."
  14. "Calling in with 'my feet hurt' is a perfectly acceptable excuse to skip work."
  15. "No woman's wedding ring fits when she's pregnant."

What lies do you tell yourself to help get you through the day?


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linzemae linzemae

Um nope. Didn't lie to myself at all. I was too concerned about my baby. They thought I had preeclampsia

adamat34 adamat34

I didnt lie either...what are we? Teenagers??? These stir writers need to grow the F up. Maybe actually write a decent column.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Why would you lie to yourself?? I really HAVE only got a baby bump without gaining a pound. Happened my last pregnancy too. Didn't gain anything till I was about 25-30 weeks or so. The rest are just ridiculous lol. I was pissed my rings didn't fit since I only gained 15 pounds, but I'm smart enough to know I was a minority. They fit this time too =]

Sarah... SarahHall58

People lie to themselves during pregnancy? I'm 28 weeks and I haven't lied to myself at all. I admit that I'm tired and my back is killing me. I haven't gained weight anywhere but my belly. Guess I'm just a normal person.

mommy... mommymendenhall

I lost 33 lbs (doc had no prob with it as I was 40 lbs over weight) with my last pg and my belly was HUGE! And I not once in baby of my 4 pgs ever lied to myself. I wasn't concerned about me just my baby.

Seren... SerenityAscends

I only gained 13 pounds during pregnancy, even though I ate normally. I didn't lie to myself during my pregnancy.

Seren... SerenityAscends

After I had my son, the nurses said "You must have gained only baby." So, I didn't tell myself that, they did. Lol

Blues... Blueshark77

IT'S A JOKE! Stop taking everything so seriously, ladies.

nonmember avatar Shawnice Raglan

I have every a lot of complications with my pregnancy and still can manage to lie to myself all the time and this is my first plus I'm not a "teenager" everybody has lied to themselves about something whether its their weight or even as saying I will deliver natural cause I'm strong like that only to find yourself crying at three cm dilation. Or even when you lie to yourself that this pregnancy will be just like my last one know goodn well you can't predict nothing at all and then its them ones that say I'm eating healthy with a plate of fried porkchops and smothered mash potatoes stop pretending that we are angels here...really

nonmember avatar audrey

i must lie to myself and think i look better than i actually do because,both times, my husband lost all interest in me; my inlaws made sure i was well aware of every ounce i gained;and i finally just said screw it,and them...gained 40 lbs and a year later still have 5 lbs to lose.but im ok w myself because im pleasing me,not them!

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