The Thought of Having Sex During Pregnancy Makes Me Cringe

pregnant coupleNot too long ago, I was having a nice little chat with one of my expectant friends about how things are going with her pregnancy, how she's feeling, and all that good stuff. And don't ask me why, but somehow the conversation shifted to the topic of sex -- and the fact that she and her husband are doing it like a couple of rabbits right now.

I kind of smiled and nodded my head and said, "Oh, that's great!" But I can't lie -- I had to restrain myself from looking at her with a very confused/borderline disgusted expression on my face. The thought of the two of them going at it like a couple of teenagers in the back of a Chevy really made me cringe.

For the life of me, I just don't understand how pregnant women can enjoy sex. No wait, scratch that. I can't understand how they possibly feel sexy enough to even have sex -- because I sure as hell didn't.


At the beginning of my pregnancy, it wasn't too bad, because I didn't look or feel pregnant yet, so the logistics weren't really an issue. But once I got into my second trimester and had a decent baby bump going on? The last thing I felt like doing was getting busy between the sheets. If I recall correctly, we did it a couple of times just for the sake of being able to say we did it. But I wasn't into it.

I was fat. I had horrible heartburn. I had hemorrhoids. And I don't care what he says -- there's no way that my husband was possibly attracted to me at that point in time. (No one would have been.)

And I really couldn't bear the thought of him picturing someone else during the act -- though I wouldn't have blamed him for doing so. I was a hormonal, sweaty, amplified version of my former self. And that's just not sexy.

But the fact that pregnant sex is even a topic of discussion means that there are plenty of moms-to-be out there who are doing it and LOVING it -- so I can't help but wonder if I really missed the boat on this one. Maybe it's just something that varies from woman to woman, or even pregnancy to pregnancy? (For the record, I'm not willing to give being knocked up a second shot, so that theory will never be tested.)

Seriously, at this point, I just can't understand the idea of not only liking pregnancy sex -- but feeling hot and confident while doing it. Pregnant and sexy just don't go hand in hand. Period.

(Well, other than the whole boobs doubling in size thing.)

Enlighten me, ladies -- have you been having sex during your pregnancy, and do you enjoy it?


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