8 Things Every Pregnant Woman Secretly Wishes Her Husband Would Say

pregnancy husbandI am currently headed into the home stretch of my third pregnancy. With just a few weeks left to go, my mind is on folding newborn clothing, getting all my supplies for our planned home birth, and kick counts to make sure the baby is healthy. It's a good time.

Physically, though, it's also a hard time. I am six years older than the last time I was pregnant, and my body feels that age in every way. I am achy and creaky and cranky and whiny, and my poor husband, supportive as he is, has to hear it all. Poor dude.

He is a fantastic daddy to our two older children and is every bit as hands on involved as I am when it comes to bedtime, pickups/dropoffs, extracurriculars, and more. But no man, no matter how wonderful, can actually get what it's like to be pregnant. I know he tries, but I have talked to a number of women and compiled a list of things we all WISH our husbands had said to us while we were pregnant. See below:


1.) "Yes, honey, I'll skip the game and we can watch the birthing DVDs from your midwife." Look, we all know men can't physically push a baby out of them, but it really DOES help when they show some interest in natural child birth and how it all works. Even when it's the third time.

2.) "Your midwife is really, really cool." Yes, we know it's up to us what doctor/midwife/doula we pick, but it's also awfully nice to hear from our partner and get that validation that we made a good choice.

3.) "I will TOTALLY be turned on by you even if you poop in labor." So, it's a lie. We know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. But tell us anyway. We need to hear it.

4.) "I am so impressed by you." Hey, you should be! Making life is kind of impressive, people! A little healthy awe is much appreciated and pretty needed.

5.) "You look sexier pregnant, more womanly." Even if it's not true, this is a really nice thing to hear. Bonus points if you really do believe it, though. Most of us feel the least sexy we've ever felt in our lives.

6.) "I'll make dinner tonight." I am still the mom who wants to do everything, but I have had to admit recently that I just plain can't. I can't make dinner and drive my kids to karate and gymnastics and dance and yoga and still do my prenatal yoga and stay up past 8 p.m. So yeah, it's nice when our partner does something a little different and takes on a new chore just to help us.

7.) "I just called to check in on you." It's a small thing, but when my husband does that, I know he cares and I know he has noticed how much harder small things are for me. It's appreciated.

8.) "Let me write all this down." NOTHING says you are being taken seriously more than a hubby who actually listens to what you say, whether it's a grocery list or the things you want him to tell you while you are birthing. If he offers to write it down, you KNOW he took it seriously and cared. That's hot.

What did you wish your husband said while you were pregnant?


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