15 Worst Reactions to Pregnancy Announcements

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One of the best parts of being pregnant is most definitely the moment when you can finally spill the beans that you're expecting. It's so much fun letting family and friends know that you have a bun in the oven -- and most of the time they're just as (if not more) delighted than you are with the news.

Who doesn't love a baby? Adding a new member to the family is a blessing no matter how you look at it -- but unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way. Seriously, some people have no filter.

Wait until you hear some of the meanest, wackiest, and downright uncalled for things that have been said to moms after telling people they're pregnant.

  1. I couldn't wait to call my grandfather and give him the big news, being that I'm his only granddaughter and all. When I told him I was pregnant, he said, "Oh. What ... are you trying to make me feel older?" Still haven't forgotten that phone call.
  2. I got married and pregnant when I was really young (I probably looked 17, even though I was older than that), and I actually had someone ask me if I was going to make my "boyfriend" marry me. I said that my husband probably wouldn't like that.
  3. "Was it planned?" (I'd been married for six or seven years.) "It's a miracle! We all thought you were unable to have babies."
  4. So my cousin and I were pregnant at the same time. I was married. She was not. Someone congratulated our very conservative grandfather on my pregnancy, and his response was, "Well, at least this one's legal." Gee, thanks Gramps.
  5. My ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend said, "Oh good. You will finally get fat."
  6. I know someone whose "friend" said: "Great. Just what the world needs. Another mouth to feed."
  7. My father more or less told me I was too old to be having a baby.
  8. When I was pregnant with my twins, my son was still a baby and people constantly told me "better you than me" and "you're carrying double trouble."
  9. My ex-mother-in-law said, "I was hoping that wouldn't happen."
  10. Both of my precious boys were surprises to me. With my first I was asked, "What are you going to do now??" And with my second I was asked, "You do know what causes pregnancy, right?"
  11. People could not believe that I would have the audacity to expect a baby in January!! If I had a nickel for every time someone told me, "That's a horrible time of year," I'd be rich!
  12. "Way to kill your marriage. You know you JUST got married -- you don't have to have a baby right away." These "friends" still stand by their statement.
  13. My HR officer said to me, "Wow. I hope this is your last one or your career will never recover."
  14. My mom responded with dropping her head down into her hands, dropping a nice F-bomb, and then looking at me and asking, "I can't believe you did this. Now what are you gonna do?"
  15. My best friend laughed out loud after I told her and said, "You have no idea how bad your life is gonna suck!" Then she laughed for another good five minutes or so.

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Did you get any negative reactions to your pregnancy news?


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3boys... 3boysANDaMOMMY

This time around i was told i did it on purpuse (was on the pill btw) had his mom say oh f@#% my mom asked when we were getting married my dad and sister just quit talking to me and i even haf an aunt tell me to put my baby up for adoption... all this because i refused to get married

kayba... kaybayblee3

I had people saying with my second pregnancy I "did it on purpose" and to "get out of work". Some people are really tactless. I really hate the "Was it planned?" questions too.

nonmember avatar Ashley

At some point during the beginning of my 2ed pregnancy I had horrible morning sickness. My husband, who is normally sensitive but was tired too, said 'you just need to get over it.' I told him, ya sure, I'll be over pregnancy in about 7 months. He never said another word about it lol!

nonmember avatar Sara

I told everyone I was pregnant with my 3rd my stepfather-in-law actually said "Oh God" and threw his arms up in the air.
My grandpa, keeps telling me this needs to be my last baby, 3 is enough and that I need to shut down the baby making factory.
My mother in law didn't say anything, but now that she doesn't like me she doesn't like the fact i'm pregnant again and makes nasty comments any chance she gets.

Krystian Kaufold

My husband looked at my postive pregnancy test that morning and said "Oh that's cool." 

My mom said "No you aren't, show me the mark where they drew blood." 

And then I was told three babies is enough (I had twins) and that I need to get my tubes tied. (Not happening.)

2cent... 2centsCDN

"I'm not going to pretend to be happy you're pregnant again."

From my sister when I told her I was having # 3.

Natalie Voytek

I'm pregnant with our 5th, imagine the nonsense I get to hear


Amazi... AmazingMomOfTwo

I was told by my mother that we should of kept or pants up..... everyone else was excited. We were in the middle of planning our wedding our second I called them crying(we had been trying for a year) and she said don't worry we'll deal with it... 

nonmember avatar Stephanie C

My sister-in-law's first reaction was to ask if we were going to abort my son...so that we could go to grad school. SERIOUSLY??? She was all about convenience

3Musk... 3MusketeerMama

When I told my ex that I had some important news to tell him (we share custody of our child) he said first "Do you have cancer? Are you dying?", then when I told him I was pregnant he asked if I was going to keep the baby. When I said of course I was (he and I had unsuccessfully gone through IVF) then told me I was being selfish and that it would ruin our son's life. O_o

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