Pregnancy 'Cures' Woman of Cancer in Incredible Story

After giving birth and looking back at pre-baby life, a lot of women say they were reborn after becoming moms -- that their lives changed for the better and they can't imagine a world without their children. But one mom can actually say that her baby may have -- literally -- saved her life. 

After noticing that she had developed inexplicable swelling under her ribs, Nicola Weller visited doctors and received the most dreadful news of all: she had a tumor in her uterus and they were unsure whether it was cancerous. The 29-year-old had to wait what must have been the worst 12 weeks of her life until her next medical scan. And that's when she received the most amazing news of her life. 


As it turned out, despite using the IUD contraception method, Nicola found out at her examination that she was 7 weeks pregnant. And while doctors were able to locate a wonderful early sign of life in her womb, one thing appeared to be missing: the woman's tumor.

Medical professionals claim the pregnancy hormone that had begun accumulating in her body at a rapid rate may have had something to do with shrinking her tumor until it actually disintegrated! Who knew that the hormone we curse over and over again for making us feel fatigued beyond belief and for causing her breasts to swell like two helium balloons could also be responsible for annihilating some foreign object in our bodies that could hurt or even kill us?

It's nothing short of amazing, isn't it?

Doctors were able to perform a biopsy on the tumor residue that remained in Nicola's body and, in a chilling twist, found it was in the early stages of cancer. I can't imagine how I would have felt if I were this young woman. Blessed? Definitely. Gracious and thankful for the baby and life I'd been given? Absolutely. And scared -- don't forget scared to death. 

The great news is that Nicola gave birth to her son three years ago and the tumor has yet to return. Talk about having an angel for a child. 

What do you think about this unusual and amazing story? 


Image via Bonbon/Flickr


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