Pregnant 'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit Is Officially on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

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mackenzie douthitPoor Mackenzie! If ever there was an explicit cry for help, it's this. Teen Mom's pregnant-for-the-second-time Mackenzie Douthit says she's having a crisis. In a Facebook post she told fans exactly how difficult it's been dealing with her type 1 diabetes, sleeplessness and stress. Keep in mind, Mackenzie's shocking revelation that she and her husband Josh McKee cheated on each other just aired. And Josh revealed his addiction to painkillers. And there's that small matter of being pregnant with baby number two at the age of 19. And... is it any wonder Mackenzie is in crisis? Here's what she told fans.

With all that I’m going through in life right now I have been up tell at least 5 a.m. every night usually crying myself to sleep and begging God to make things better. I knew it wasn’t good for the baby so I asked the doctor for sleeping medicine and he gave me some and sometimes they knock me right out sometimes I’m still up stressing and crying. When they do knock me out my blood sugar will bottom out which suffocates the baby and I can’t wake up to eat. I havnt been hungry in forever and usually forget to eat two meals a day. I’ve lost 5 pounds but my stomach is growing by the hour. I’ve reached my breaking point scared to bring a baby into this world with what’s going on. With all the praying I don’t understand why God would put me through this. I don’t do drugs I work I don’t party I just live for God, my husband, and my kids. I gave up cheer for them which was my dream. I don't think I can handle much more.

Good Lord! That's a lot, especially with the medical issues. I don't want to second-guess Mackenzie's doctor. I'm sure that's a tricky issue, dealing with both diabetes and insomnia. Basically you have to prioritize your patient's risks. But I am sad to hear that Mackenzie is on sleeping meds while pregnant. I wonder if they're even really helping her to sleep more. She sounds so stressed, both physically and emotionally.

But it sound like in addition to careful medical attention, Mackenzie could use some psychiatric treatment as well. A few sessions with a non-showbiz therapist might be in order. Know what I mean? Because while a lot of this sounds chemical, it also sounds like Mackenzie has a few demons in her life she needs to slay. She needs to be in better emotional and psychological health before her baby arrives. She needs to get stronger -- not just physically.

And I'm just saying, in case it's any incentive, getting better might help sell more books. Everyone loves a good story of overcoming the odds. 

What do you think Mackenzie should be doing to deal with her crisis?


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abra819 abra819

First of all, stop asking "god" to fix your problems. Be a big girl, and fix your own damn problems.

nonmember avatar Brenda

I wouldn't say nervous breakdown. It sounds like she's pregnant and hormonal. Any woman who is or ever has been pregnant is lying if they haven't said something similar.

nonmember avatar Kim

Harsh much abra819? Just because she has put her faith and trust in the Lord she's not a big girl? You really shouldn't comment if you have nothing nice to say; an elementary lesson that you OBVIOUSLY never learned.

nonmember avatar Angel

That's really stupid of u to say to stop asking god for help!! Who are u to tell her not to believe in her faith.. She's going thru a lot and if that's what helps her than its good for her.. Ignorant peice of shit sad esscuse for a human being

nonmember avatar country girl

Mackenzie thats the right thing to do is ask god for help nothing wrong with that!!.i no how blood sugar is i take care my dad from blood sugars its sad when ppl get that just keep your head up girl god will help u..

Jana Bourgeois

God is there you justed keep your head up you will be ok every thing will work out for you and your family

Melanie Smelser

Not to sound like an ass either, but don't blame "god" for putting you through anything. You chose to have unprotected sex again which created baby #2, not god. Nothing is more annoying and stupid than people blaming their problems or their choice to have sex which then got them pregnant on a higher power..

Kim Colp Belcastro

What happened to her I.U.D.? I remember her saying that was what she was using but, at the time she wasn't having sex.

Melanie Smelser

Supposedly it was making her feel sick with her sugars so she went and took it out herself in a warm bath. She said so herself on one of those teen mom 3 after shows with Dr. Drew. Smart choice...not. She should have had a back up birth control plan. She should have learnt from her first child that it only takes one time.

nonmember avatar t1d

Stop being a judgemental jerk. Unless you have been type one and pregnant, you don't really know how scary it is. What overwhelming hell it can be. Really just shut up. She's not on the verge of a breakdown, she's a diabetic, who's disease management (which is hard) is the crux of her baby's future.

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