'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Placenta Photo Makes Me Want to Barf (PHOTO)

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Grosssss! She's really doing it, people. Kailyn Lowry is taking placenta capsules -- the proof is in this photo she shared on Instagram. And considering she just gave birth to her baby boy Lincoln last Saturday, these suckers are fresh and ready to go.

Man. That was fast. Who knew they (whoever "they" are) could transform a mom's afterbirth into pill form in a matter of days?

But even though she'll be able to swallow these without actually having to eat them, Kailyn is still ingesting something that she pushed out of her body -- and even her husband is creeped out by it.

Javi Marroquin tweeted about the pills when they showed up and was in awe of their large size. He also added, "I'm not making fun of her. I just don't want to eat her placenta."

Uh, can you blame him?

I know, I know -- placenta eating is what all the cool kids are doing these days. Some are snacking on it raw, fresh out of the birth canal. (Gag. Hurl.) And others, like America's Next Top Model star Lisa D'Amato drank her placenta in smoothie form. (Mmm!)

And that brings us to Kailyn and her pill poppin'. I'm sorry -- I just can't get past the ick factor of this whole craze. Just look at those capsules! When you think about what's actually contained in them, how can anyone not immediately want to puke after putting one in their mouth?

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I know the placenta is supposed to provide an incredible burst of energy that some new moms swear by, but personally -- I could never do it. I wouldn't be able to get the thought out of my head that I was eating/ gulping/ swallowing something that was once inside of my body and passed through my vagina.

But if that's Kailyn's cup of tea? More power to her, I guess. To each his own, and as long as she's not regurgitating these things, who am I to judge her?

Would you consider eating your placenta?


Image via Instagram

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Maureen Friedly

I have to agree. You ARE judging. The title itself judges her. This is not a "trend" for the "cool kids" and as someone who is planning on doing encapsulation, I find you to be quite uneducated on the topic to be writing about it.

Turtl... Turtledoves

This sounds very childish and uneducated. Please go read a book and stop thinking that a picture of pills is "barf worthy." 

nonmember avatar Really?!

You have a VERY WEAK STOMACH. Eating your placenta has been around for literally ever. Its not new, even the pill form. Plus it's supposed to be extremely healthy for a recovering mother because it resupplies the vitamins they have lost.

And after having helped a cat through birth, this is nothing. Not even a little gag worthy with Hypermesis Gravidumun.

Jessica Mya's-Mommy Hall

So your child is barf worthy considering it would be pushed out of your body? Grow up

Shant... ShantiBantiMama

Grow up!! I'm in labor as we speak and my midwives are dehydrating it right here in the house afterwards.

Chelington Moto

ive been taking my placenta for 6 weeks now and I highly recommend it! ive had extra energy, pleanty of milk, and its leveled out my hormones :)

jacsm... jacsmama022

I agree, you are judging her and you sound very uneducated. I agree with the other comments, educate yourself before you make yourself sound any dumber.

AliPa... AliParker

If you were meant to have it then why does your body work so hard to push it out, geniuses?

It's canneblism plain and simple. It's sick and it is a trend (amongst idiots but a trend none the less). I don't know how anyone can actually go through with this and still be mentally capable of caring for a newborn. Sick. And I am 100% judging each of the sickos that do this.

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