Kailyn Lowry's Post-Pregnancy Weight-Loss Plan Sounds Like a Really Bad Idea

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Kailyn LowryAfter a successful wedding and a month or so where she looked like she may pop, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Lincoln Marshall last week. And now, just after Kailyn released their first family picture with new baby, son Isaac, and husband Javi Marroquin, she's got other things on her mind. Ready for it? Kailyn's already thinking about losing the baby weight. Yup, Lowry tweeted to her fan that she's "determined to get fit again after this pregnancy."

To that, I say -- just make sure your priorities are in order lady! You're a new mom all over again. Of course, time with your children is always precious but right now especially when your baby is so small, so new, it's almost even more critical. 

There's good news here, though. Kailyn seems to have a bit of a guilty conscience thinking about getting back in the gym. She tweeted:

To answer your question, Kailyn, there's nothing wrong with wanting to get back in the gym. Heck, it's only natural! You want to feel confident again. However, the priority is your new baby right now. The priority is bonding with little Lincoln and cooing over ever cute little thing he does. The priority is not making Isaac feel left out. The priority is making sure to cherish this time as a mother to two lovely sons with your husband Javi. I have no doubts that you've got this one under control.

Were you in a rush to lose weight after children?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/ Facebook

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Marcela Blunck Bowidowicz

You know taking an hour or two a day to have some time to yourself isn't exactly horrible.

nonmember avatar Jessica

It doesn't necessarily mean she's in a hurry to lose weight. She might just enjoy working out and the endorphins that it gives her. I never though I would LOVE working out (didn't happen until I was 35) but I can only imagine I'd be itching to get back to the gym after 9 months!

adamat34 adamat34

Leave people alone...its not a horrible thing she wants to better herself...can we talk about the overwhelming number of obese people in this country...this article is bs

Melanie Kreamer

I think you guys have nothing else to talk about so you take innocent people's lives and comments and turn them into something they are not. How stupid! What woman in the world does not want to lose their pregnancy weight? Give me a break! Find something better to write about befor eI unlike this page bc it's getting pretty old.

nonmember avatar samantha

shit I actually started doing sit ups, running and pushups 17 days after my baby was born via C-section. It was tough only able to do 5 or 6 on a good day but its all about your will to be you again.

Eve Gillis

Please its very hard for us woman to lose weight without having a baby...good for her...its healthy for her. Its doesnt mean shes a bad mother.

Jenifer Clifford

This article is BS. You make it sound like she is a bad mom for wanting to exercise. It will actually make her feel better and that will in turn make her be a better mom. Leave the girl alone and find a real topic to write about.


Samantha Lightle Herrera

YES thank you everyone taking time for yourself is what EVERY mother should have even with brand new babies and older children or there is more issues!!

Kellie Osburn

The titles of these articles are so misleading

Jay To-the Azz

yup! its not elfish at all, nor does it mean your priorities are screwed up, just means you dont feel comfortable looking that large, and why should anyone be left to feel uncomfortable in their own body!! Good on her I say!! I lost my post baby weight after my second child in 6 weeks, I wish her all the best!!

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