20 Heavenly Baby Names Perfect for Your Little Star

baby with balloonsHaving a baby is magical (even the poop diapers ... until they get older), so why not look to the sky and the stars for some baby name inspiration. There are many constellations and planets with names that may fit your little star perfectly. And some of them are different enough that there won't be 10 kids around town with the same name, yet they aren't so out there despite being out there celestially speaking. Your Aunt Jane would approve.

I know we've all heard the name Star -- and I love it, it's so pretty, but here are 20 more heavenly baby names perfect for little one.



  1. Celestia (or Celeste)
  2. Cassiopeia (Cassie or Cass are such great nicknames)
  3. Astra
  4. Venus
  5. Ankaa (that extra 'a' for this constellation gives it more mystery)
  6. Nova
  7. Luna
  8. Aurora
  9. Rana
  10. Sadira (different and so pretty!)


  1. Aries
  2. Atlas
  3. Draco (strong one)
  4. Comet
  5. Izar (love Izzy for a nickname)
  6. Perseus (Percy! Thomas the Train will be proud)
  7. Orion
  8. Jupiter
  9. Polaris
  10. Kalani

Which names are your favorites?

 20 Heavenly baby names

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