'Wire' Actor Idris Elba Expecting Baby With Girlfriend

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idris elbaHearts are breaking all over with this news. Actor and sexiest man in the UK Idris Elba is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Naiyana Garth. And I know what you're thinking: YOU were supposed to have Idris Elba's baby. Yeah, me too. But nope, the honor goes to Garth. Elba has a daughter, Isan, from a previous marriage, so he is well prepared for the role of father. And he's got another exciting role: Elba plays Nelson Mandela in the biopic, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. But back to Elba's baby mama. Who is she?

Naiyana Garth is a makeup artist, not a model or a movie star. Which makes Elba look even cooler -- and also makes the rest of us think, "why did I not become a makeup artist?" It could have been me! Except it just happens that Garth is also gorgeous, so I'm sure that helped her out.

Anyway, even though I can hardly breathe through this thick, green fog of envy I am SUPER happy for Idris and Naiyana. Really I am. She gets to wake up to Idris Elba's many gifts every morning, and look what one of those gifts just got her. An Elbaby. Way to make the world a better place with your genes, you two. We can't wait to see the baby pics!

How do you feel when you hear about celebs dating non-celebs?


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