20 Outlaw Cowboy Baby Names

cowboy baby

If you want a baby name with some Americana flair, this list is it. Well-known characters (both infamous and illustrious) have these incredible names that are a little bit country and even a bit rock and roll. Sheryl Crow and Kevin Costner would agree -- they both have kids with a name on this list.


While we don't want our little ones to become outlaws, these cowboy and cowgirl baby names have style, perhaps a little more of the Western variety. Check out the list for inspiration.


  1. Annie (or if you're daring just go with Oakley)
  2. Annabelle
  3. Cassidy (Cassie is so cute as a nickname)
  4. Cheyenne
  5. Bonnie
  6. Belle Star (this famous lady bandit can be a first and middle name)
  7. Pearl
  8. Bobbie-Sue
  9. Dixie (favorite!)
  10. Delta


  1. Butch (strong manly name so what about the train and bank robbing part)
  2. Colt
  3. Remington
  4. Virgil 
  5. Wayne (classic!)
  6. Boone (favorite!)
  7. Amos
  8. Jesse
  9. Clay
  10. Wyatt

Which Wild West-inspired name are your favorites?

20 cowboy baby names 

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