Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Ready for Baby #2

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kim kardashian and kanyeFirst-time parenthood must be going extremely well for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Baby North West is just 5 months old, but Us Weekly reports that her mom and dad are already planning to have another child. If things go according to plan, Kim will be pregnant again by ...

... next summer. Like many moms, Kardashian reportedly wants her kids to be close in age and West wants a huge family. And we all know, what Kim and Kanye want, Kim and Kanye usually get.

The grand plan is to get pregnant after their wedding. There is no doubt in my mind it will be a huge splashy affair -- even though it won't be Kim's first walk down the aisle. After all, they do EVERYTHING big. He's even joked about having fighter jets there.

Take his marriage proposal. He could have popped the question in the privacy of their home or luxury hotel suite. But that ain't Kanye's style. Instead he presented her with a ginormous diamond ring at San Francisco's AT&T Park with a ton of people around. He even commissioned a 50-piece orchestra to play and fireworks to commemorate the occasion. Like I said, Kanye does everything big. Big Ego. Big Engagement. So you know those nuptials will be an event we will talk about for years to come.

But as much as I poke fun at the couple's pomp and over-the-top lifestyle, it's nice to see them so in love and truly committed to each other and their family. And that matters above all else when you bring kids into the world.

What do you think Kim and Kanye should name their second child?

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Lilit... Lilith.23

East South West :3

linzemae linzemae

She never looks happy in pics anymore

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

I have to agree with linzemae - She looks so miserable no a days and when she smiles in pictures it seems as if she is forcing it

nonmember avatar Debbie

South East

nonmember avatar Jackie

Key-West....they can call her KiKi ( if it's a girl)

Sharlyn Frederick

Mabey they should take care of the first one for awhile before wanting another- seems like a money profit thing- after all north is bringing in money already! Must be rough to have an endless supply of money to do whatever! I guess that's their plan!

Sandra Saunders

Well, in keeping with the cardinal points, if it's a girl, name her South aka Southie and if its a boy, name him Eastman aka Eastie.

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