Skinny, Pregnant Woman's Radical Diet Sparks Outrage

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A woman who is six months pregnant has been criticized for her extreme diet, which consists mostly of raw fruit, with occasional raw vegetables thrown in. Loni Jane Anthony starts out her day with lemon water; for breakfast she'll have oranges; for lunch she'll have dozens of bananas and mangoes (and maybe a salad); dinner is a big salad (and possibly a few potatoes). Many think Loni's extreme fruitarian diet is endangering her unborn child.

Loni started her fruit kick after encountering numerous health problems when she was a teen and young adult, including acne, skin infections, hair loss, and gaining weight, all of which she attributes to her former partying lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Then she went on vacation to Thailand and says she picked up parasites and dengue fever. That's when she decided to adopt Dr. Douglas Graham's 80/10/10 diet, which is made up primarily of fruit.

But not everyone sees this diet as the epitome of healthy -- especially not for a knocked up lady.

A nutritionist told the Daily Mail:

Lori is severely deluded if she thinks this diet is healthy. It’s not only jeopardising her own health but also that of her unborn baby.

Loni has become quite influential on Instagram, where pics of her sucking down bright red or green smoothies have drawn 100,000 followers.

I can tell you one thing. Loni hardly appears pregnant! Pics on her account show her looking as slim as any supermodel. In fact, if she hadn't said she was pregnant, I certainly wouldn't have guessed it.

While 25-year-old Loni is attracting criticism for "promoting" an unhealthy lifestyle, especially for pregnant women, the truth is that no woman should blindly follow anyone else's choices, diet, or lifestyle. If you think adding more fruit and raw vegetables to your diet -- or even switching over to them completely -- is for you, then talk to multiple doctors about it and do plenty of research. Why would you just do what some chick on Instagram does?

There's something more dangerous to a baby than an extreme diet. That's a mom who doesn't use common sense. There will always be someone out there doing some wacky thing -- that doesn't mean you have to do it. A rare and wonderful thing to have in this life is critical thinking skills. It's SO much more useful than a slim body or a bunch of bananas.

As for Loni's diet, it doesn't strike me as particularly sane for a pregnant woman, but I'd take that over a diet made up of Burger King and Oreos any day.

Would you ever eat a diet like this while pregnant?

Images via LoniJane/Instagram

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Jespren Jespren

Not a lot of protein in fruits, hope baby is okay.

Lilit... Lilith.23

:/ when i was pregnant i couldn't eat anything, i just lost my appetite but hey! I had to suck it up, eat healthy for both me and my baby.

Fruits are great, yay for fruit salads and shit but this woman better start to eat properly for her baby, smdh dieting while pregnant pfffffffff eat some fucking food.

nonmember avatar Nelson

Does she go to the doctor to have regular check ups during her pregnancy. If they are concerned for the baby's growth and health then that is when I would hope she would look at her child's life over her own. I was so sick with my last baby. I was on an IV and could barely keep a thing down. I lived off of fruits and veggies because that is all I could keep in me! If the baby is growing and healthy then leave her alone. Not that I agree with it I would have ate more if I could have, but it it could be way worse.

adamat34 adamat34

Why is there not an ob/gyn opinion along with this article?

Seems an experienced expert should have been included to squash the judges that follow a post as this.

Check your facts first stir writers.

nonmember avatar clarissa

the question is, what type of salads? is she putting beans and squash, sprouts, quinoa and a wide variety of veggies or is it just lettuce? salads can be very balanced

monke... monkeymom1104

I agree with Clarissa. Not to mention many pregnant women are on raw diets.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I don't see what the big deal she's naturally thin and you can eat raw veggies and fruit on a balanced diet, for example broccoli and asparagus have a lot of protein. So what if she has a tiny bump, mine looked like that at 6 months without dieting.

fitne... fitnessmom217

If she's resricting her caloric intake than that is dangerous for the baby. But she is eating good healthy food! At least she's not eating unhealthy processed junk food. As long as she is eating enough calories, taking her vitamins, drinking lots of water, etc....she's fine! She eats better than most pregant women I've met. Who's diet consists of fast food, processed food, etc!

nonmember avatar Mrs17716

I wonder how her sugar levels are...some fruits contain so much sugar!

joani... joaniedanger

And yet, not a soul bats an eye at a pregnant woman stuffing her face at McDonalds. Seriously, step back and mind your own business.

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