Forcing a Baby's Birth on 11/12/13 -- Would You?

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OMG. Soooooo, today is 11/12/13, which has to be, like, one of the coolest dates ever in history -- or at least for this century.

And I'm sure if you're somewhere around the 40-week mark of your pregnancy, the thought has crossed your mind that your baby could possibly be born today -- giving him/her a birth date that's impossible to forget. (Don't lie. You've totally thought about it.)

There are already people rushing to the altar to get married today to take advantage of having an anniversary to remember. And that's why we shouldn't be the least bit surprised to also hear about expectant moms who considered inducing on 11/12/13 -- or even have a planned C-section.

Seriously -- how many people can actually say they were born in the 11th month on the 12th day of the 13th year? It really is a once in a lifetime kinda thing. And that's why I can't say that I blame moms-to-be for taking the plunge and choosing to deliver on this day. (Why the hell not?)

I know birth dates aren't really all that important in the grand scheme of things -- but doesn't it seem like kind of a bummer to have your baby born on 11/13/13 or 11/14/13 versus 11/12/13?

(The OCD in me can't resist the appeal.)

If you're full-term and are supposed to give birth in the next few days anyway, what's the harm in getting things moving just a tad early? I don't know what it is about the numbers being in sequence, but it just seems like being born today is a stroke of good luck somehow. And another thing -- you're pretty much ensuring that no one will ever forget your child's birthday going forward. Who can't remember 11/12/13?

Your turn to weigh in -- would you get induced or have a C-section for the sake of a cool birth date?


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nonmember avatar Jessica Hall

Absolutely not. Let the baby come when the baby is ready. A due date is an estimate not a day the baby should come, or should have come.

Elaine Cox

hopefully i never get this selfish

Hannah Walker

I honestly hope you are kidding... I would NOT do this. My baby's health is SO much more important that having a "cool" birthday. Ridiculous.

miche... micheledo

Never really thought about it. The date doesn't mean much to me AND I would still be the person that couldn't remember the date!

ashjo85 ashjo85

Seems dumb, and it's not that rare. Next year, you can aim for 12/13/14. Last year, people were born on 10/11/12. And 9/10/11 before that....

Rhodin Rhodin

One of mine is a 3/2/10, all natural.

racha... rachaelvalkyrie

Forcing the birth by induction or cesarean kind of takes all the luck out it, though.

nonmember avatar Guest

I'm due in a week and would love to go into labor today, but if she decides to wait, I won't force her.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I don't see what the big deal is if they are already 39 or 40 weeks, I was induced with both of mine a few days before my due date, not for medical reasons, my doctor just asked me if I wanted to be induced or if I wanted to wait and try to go into labor on my own, I said induce me!!

nonmember avatar Victoria

If I HAD to choose a c-section date or induction date anyway, sure... I'd most likely choose 11/12/13 (Fellow OCD-er ;) ). But if there was no need for a c-section or induction, no I would not go that route just to ensure that my baby was born on 11/12/13.

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