20 Baby Names Inspired by Color

baby in ball pitComing up with a baby name can be hard work -- especially if you want your little one to have something that's a little different. I found myself looking to the most random places when I was trying to come up with a name for my daughter -- street signs, maps, credits at the end of movies -- but one place I never thought to look, until a friend told me, was colors. Every color has tons of shades within it. And therein lies some pretty spectacular baby names.

Here are 20 color-inspired baby names.


1. Blue. As in a certain very-famous pop star's daughter.

2. Crimson. Apparently, the name has been on the rise for quite some time in Alabama, where the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide football is popular.

3. Sienna. Sienna Miller; Burnt Sienna, the crayon.

4. Violet. Speaking of shades of purple ...

5. Grayson or Gray. Super popular name these days. And with good reason: It's cute!

6. Azure. Azure is in the blue family, and it's a beautiful name for a little girl.

7. Cocoa. Courteney Cox's daughter is named Coco. So cute! And a pretty shade of brown.

8. Poppy. Poppy is another name that's gotten more popular recently -- it's both a flower and a shade of red.

9. Olive. Drew Barrymore's daughter's name.

10. Hazel. Beautiful eye color. Beautiful name.

11. Indigo. A color of the rainbow.

12. Tawny. As in Tawny Kitaen, famous video rock chick girl of the '80s.

13. Ash. What person wouldn't want their walls painted Ash, or their kid to be named that? Love!

14. Ivory. Love the meaning of this name: Pure.

15. Jet. As in jet black! As in what I wanted to name my baby, were we to have a boy, before I was shut down by my husband!

16. Moss. Sure, it's predominately thought of as a last name, but Moss is a pretty first name for a girl, also. Gorgeous color, as well.

17. Emerald. And Emmie for short!

18. Amber. There are tons of Ambers out there, obviously, but when you think about it from a color-perspective, it sort of makes you look at it differently, doesn't it?

19. Primrose. I LOVE this name. And obviously it's become super popular due to The Hunger Games, but did you know it's actually a shade of yellow?

20. Lilac. An adorable name for a sweet little girl. Also, a really pretty shade of purple.

Would you ever give your child a color-inspired name? Where do you look for baby name inspiration?


Image via Bernd Vogel/Corbis

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