8 Childbirth Trends for Adventurous Types

water birth

Considering human beings have been giving birth since ... well, since human beings have been human beings, you'd think the ancient process would be sort of immune to trends. Popping out babies ain't exactly a walk down the runway, know what I'm saying? (And having popped out a couple myself, I feel qualified to say so.) But nope -- childbirthing methods are just as fickle as fashion, in a lot of ways. Think about it: In my grandmother's day, "twilight sleep" was all the rage; by the time I was born, it was all about "natural" birth. Now? There are more ways to have babies than ever, and they just keep on getting wilder. I mean, I consider myself to be fairly open-minded, but I'm nowhere near adventurous enough to try any of these latest fads!

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Not that I'm judging, of course. (Whatever floats your bump?) Read on to find out about 8 of the craziest new trends in baby-having!

Would you try any of these adventurous ways to give birth?

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linzemae linzemae

Is that a pic of a real placenta? I had a c section and didnt get to see mine

lalab... lalaboosh

I'm a fan of freebirthing, but that's just me. I had two home births, one with the midwife there and one with her on speakerphone driving to our house. Lol. I wanted a private unassisted birth, but I also wanted a midwife around for help if needed. With my second my labor went so fast we didn't have time to call the midwife! Now I know that if I have a healthy low risk pregnancy free birth is an option for me, but I would have a midwife anyway if possible. It's important to remember that you can have an unassisted birth anywhere, you can even do it in a hospital if you are lucky.

regull09 regull09

Actually, I doubt giving birth in a pool full of dolphins would be very catastrophic for the dolphins. I would be more worried about the dolphins looking for a free meal... Dolphins usually give birth away from their pod with maybe one other dolphin that acts as a midwife to help them through the birth, and don't return to their pod for at least a year after the baby has been born.

elinora2 elinora2

I did the placenta capsulization... it really helped with "Baby Blues" :)

Shannon Robinson Jacobson

Well, sex during labor can actually speed things along sometimes.  Immediately AFTER labor, though?  No thanks.  Nothing is going near that part of my body again for AT LEAST a month!  As for the freebirthing, we ended up having an unplanned, unassisted homebirth.  The plan was a midwife birth in a birthing center, but when I got there at 3 cm and was still 3 cm an hour later, she sent me home to relax and come back later.  I took a bath, my water broke, and the baby was born on our bedroom floor before we could even get out the door to go back to the birthing center.  Not exactly what I had planned, but there were no complications, we had the midwife on speaker phone, and DH handled it like a pro.  It ended up being kind of awsome, though if I were to ever plan another homebirth, I'd want a midwife there, just in case.

truea... truealaskanmom

Well, I had a free birth or as it is usally referred an unassited birth, and I know more about birth and pregnancy because of it than the ob loving moms who just hand their care over to a stranger.  

nonmember avatar Ranela

Obviously the person who wrote this has preconceived notions of the subjects. The only thing I'm uncomfortable with here were the dolphin birth and csection. Other wise, people have been doing the other stuff for centuries, well maybe not glamour birth. Although some women just look great giving birth, like porn stars look good having sex...

Stephanie Caldwell

When I was pregnant with my first our apartment manager had apparently had an "orgasmic" birth...and she knocked on our door, nvited herself in and sat at our dining room table to instruct my husband on what to do to achieve this....we were birth trying so incredibly hard not to laugh out loud. I was so uncomfortable. 

Amy Knighten

Sometimes, women choose 'free birth' not because it is trendy, but because midwvies are not allowed to attend home births in their state leaving the option of going to the hospital or delivery on your own. 

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